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Phil Robertson

Publicly Bashed Gays ... FOR YEARS

A&E Knew All About It

12/19/2013 11:43 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


A&E knew all about "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson feelings toward gays when it hired him -- because the guy openly preached that gays were going to hell years before the series started.

Take a look at the video (above) of a 2010 sermon at Berean Bible Church in Pennsylvania ... it's pretty much your typical bible-thumping drill.  Phil calls gay people shameful, perverse, heartless, faithless, senseless God haters ... destined for the burning pits of hell.

So with that backdrop ... A&E hired Robertson ... then allowed him to do an interview with GQ where it HAD to know the reporter would ask questions about his feelings toward gays ... and then when he answered honestly A&E punished Robertson.

Robertson may be misguided, but A&E is being dishonest for feigning shock about something it definitely knew all about.


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It's not gay bashing. It's his beliefs. Like it, or disagree with out, it's NOT "bashing".

287 days ago


It is not a black or white thing is about the right thing and gay is not the right thing....

287 days ago


Liberal ****s say they want freedom of expression?!?! Wtf so if u don't agree with what someone says then u can't say it but if u want to be on a butt train with 5 guys it's this shot pisses me off...Alec baldwin says *** all the time apparently and u still accept him...put liberal ******* politicians on a lie detector and I would BET BIG money they agree with Phil bc they r southern boys just like them....they just know how to bite their lip and take it lol

287 days ago


His opinion didn't matter until he became well known.

287 days ago


So sad

287 days ago


Didn't conservatives call for Martin Bashir's head on a platter recently for saying something they didn't like? So Phil gets to have free speech but not Bashir?
Screw conservatives.

287 days ago


Thanks to everyone expressing their support for Phil.

287 days ago

The Real JJ    

Everyone is so damn sensitive!! We get mad at a man for expressing his beliefs. Really? This man goes to church in camo and he offends you? A +e knew and after they got a little heat and seen what happened to Baldwin they followed the trend like cowards.

287 days ago


If A&E knew about his past & still hired him, it only validates my original thoughts on the subject... A&E is partially owned by ABC. Phil recently snubbed a Barbara Walters interview to go duck hunting. ABC is overly liberal & not very forgiving.

287 days ago


He doesn't have to "like" gays. He is completely entitled to his opinion, and his religious views. And no one has to "like" that. But, to each their own.

287 days ago


just like there are warp islamic terroriest beliving in a warped version of there religion this idiot has warp chritianity to suit his own purpose religon is altered all the time to suit a person way of controling those they have influance over.

287 days ago


Y is there no freedom of speech!!!! Wtf this is's only ok if u want to bone a dude in the ass otherwise u can't express anything....****kkkkkkk all these people...OUR FOUNDING FOTHERS WOULD BE ASHAMEDDDDDD IF THEY SAW THE STATE OF THE COUNTRY!!!!!!

287 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

Where the bashing at?

287 days ago


Gay guys just don't give vaginas a chance. Women need to learn how to exercise their vagina muscles so they get tighter. Their vagina muscles can grab a guy's peen really tight if they exercise them. Even after they've had a baby. I wonder if many women out there have tried to convert a gay guy into a vagina lover.

287 days ago


Sorry, TMZ, but your plot failed. A&E has already recanted.

287 days ago
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