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Accused Satanic Murderer

Spare Me From the Death Penalty

2/17/2014 2:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miranda Barbour -- who claims to have committed between 22 and 100 murders -- claims she should not be subject to the death penalty because it's "cruel and inhuman punishment."

In legal docs filed by her lawyer, Miranda argues it would be unfair to put her to death -- even if convicted -- because "the criminal justice system is fallible, thereby subjecting inappropriate persons to the death penalty."

As for whether Barbour is an "inappropriate person" ... hard to make the argument since she confessed to cops.  But her lawyer has an answer for that ... asking the court to throw out her confession on grounds cops violated her constitutional rights.

Barbour's lawyer says she repeatedly asked for an attorney, only to be denied.

But there's a big snag ... Barbour then confessed to knifing a man she met on Craigslist and a lot more last Thursday to a local reporter.  That confession is fair game.

And one more thing -- In her lawyer's argument against the death penalty, the attorney notes the state of Pennsylvania wants her executed because this Craigslist murder was a crime of torture -- stabbing the guy 20 times. The lawyer says there's NO evidence of torture.


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Save us the money and line her up in shoot the bitch....

212 days ago


Hahaha! Way back when they use to hang people by their neck for attempted murder.. but we should let this physco live the rest of her life because "its cruel and inhuman" to setence her to death because she openly admidted to under 100 premeditated murders. Doesn't quit make sense.. anyway, the death pently is there for people like her.. and when it comes to people like her, I full on support death penelty. P.s.. gotta love how tmz is doing stories about her like she's "a real life dexter!". Keep making morons and physcopaths feel "interesting" tmz! Its what you s*** do best!

212 days ago


Don't believe it until they find the bodies . Bitch is crazy.

212 days ago


No, give her the most excruciating penalty ever. Fry her, zap her, drown her, rip her head off.. slowly. You dumb cow I can't believe you think your going to get away with it oh wait you probably will because the law is just not tough on criminals anymore. It protects and babies them. Speed up death row. I am down right appalled that some people who committed crimes in the 80's (even earlier in some cases) and they know for sure they did it are still sitting on death row.. How much longer are you going to prolong it? Just get it over with so then prisons can't whinge and whine about ''Overcrowding''.

212 days ago


She is going to fake insanity and they are going to believe her as usual.. the insanity plea is the biggest scapegoat.

212 days ago


I say let her rot in solitary confinement for the rest of her miserable life. Why should these horrible people get the easy death that they never provided their victims? Especially now that Europe (who is the main supplier of phenobarbitol to the US which is used in combination with other drugs for the lethal injection ****tail) is now stopping its one steady supply. Now lethal injections will likely include the drugs Versaid and Dilaudid, which is used as anesthesia for surgery around the world. I personally have had that combination of meds... it's like slipping into a warm bath! It's too good for someone this horrible. Why do only the most horrible people get the blessing of dying almost instantaneously without pain and the rest of us must endure a possible long and painful battle with cancer or get decapitated in a car accident? F*** that! Let her rot away in a tiny, dank hole where she belongs.

212 days ago

bring back recent posts    

She came into this world so innocent, wether she is a pathological liar and murderer of just one..or a serial killer will still have too be determined, her brain needs too be dissected when she dies if she is the latter.

212 days ago


Why is this story being covered by TMZ?!?

211 days ago

BB not bb    

I believe she came forward with the confession because she wanted to avoid the death penalty. She wanted to believe that the system was just in some way. I don't think she understands how corrupt it really is. She is just a cog in their machine really. This is the state that let Sandusky go on and on with his pedophilia unstopped for years.

Yes ideally you should not kill anyone if you are a just society. Yes if you confess and cooperate, that she could be rewarded by a stay of execution. This society has turned very bloodthirsty now for some reason. The more repentant you are and the more innocent you are the more they want to do you in.

They have excuse to do her in for her crimes, but what about her current state of regret? Why would they want to ignore that? This would keep other criminals from wanting to confess and turn to a better life. The y will see that the system is against them for life anyway, so what it the difference?

She is not in control of herself and that is why she confessed. She wants to be locked up so she can stop what she is doing. That is someone who is sorry and wants to do better. I know that she is very scared but she has tremendous courage to come forward and try to make things turn around.

211 days ago


u know whats not inhumane? killing innocent people for the heck of it. they can never see her family or friends again. you miss are the one who killed her and u think its not in a humane way to die? seriously? i think they should bring back the firing squad because there are sick people out there that have killed people in horrible ways and yet they always demand their rights. well where was theirs when you did that to them? did they get that moment? no. i know i may sound mean on this but think about it. why should we let their rights be there when the rights of those they killed werent given right before?

211 days ago


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211 days ago


Send this girl to India . We want to kill some politicians here .

211 days ago


Ok, let's treat her fairly. Just as fairly as she treated her victim(s). Stab her to death. That's fair, right?

211 days ago


Do to her what she did to him!

211 days ago


How can she be treated differently than a regular one murder crime?....claim she killed dozens!...that should pull some media-types...maybe a film deal like Dexter, Natural Born Killers or Monster...only problem is producing the bodies ( it'll be like Casey Anthony taking the cops to her job!) but by then Nancy Grace will be talking about her nightly....

211 days ago
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