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Ex-Cowboys Star

Stephen Colbert Should Beg

Asian-Americans for Forgiveness

3/28/2014 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0328-colbert-nguyen-getty-01Stephen Colbert can try to blow off his "Ching Chong Ding-Dong" skit as a joke all he wants -- former NFL All-Pro Dat Nguyen thinks Colbert NEEDS to apologize, and he's shocked he hasn't yet.

Nguyen tells TMZ Sports ... Colbert's Wednesday night show was probably a "bad decision" on his part. If you haven't seen it -- Colbert mocked the Redskins name sitch by bringing up a recurring character from his show ... "Ching Chong Ding-Dong."


Colbert got blasted on Twitter  ... in fact #cancelcolbert has been trending all day.

Ex-Dallas Cowboys star Nguyen says he's not buying the "just for comedy" excuse -- telling us, "Whether you think you're right or wrong, if people are hurt, you should apologize."

Nguyen -- who is Vietnamese-American -- compared Colbert's comments to Riley Cooper ... the Eagles receiver who screamed the n-word at a concert last year. 

Cooper had to apologize, and Nguyen says Colbert should too because ... "Asian Americans are the same as African American, Hispanic Americans, anyone, we deserve to be respected too."

Colbert doesn't seem concerned about the backlash -- the show's been retweeting the #cancelcolbert comments. For more sports stories, check out tmzsports.com!

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This is crazy.. out of all the comedians who joke about stereotypes, colbert is the one to get caught up in this b.s? It was in 2005! I'm sure that moron got hit in the head too many times to figure that out.. it was such a (funny) typical stereotype. If it offended anyone, those people need to get over thereselves and get the tampon out of their a**es. Absolutly pathetic. Colbert is awesome and probably one of the nicest guys on t.v. he doesn't deserve this type of negative garbage. Get over it you pu**ys.

173 days ago


Glad to see Colbert trapped in a spider web of his own making. He'll be gone with Obama.

173 days ago


Humorless political correctness - support Colbert

173 days ago

James McMahon    

First, the quote on Twitter wasn't in context. Second, Asians are hilarious. Third, I wish my race granted me the possibility to have the last name of Wang. Fourth, I don't hate anyone because of their race, but I'm free to find our differences as amusing or annoying as I want. Fifth, Colbert is awesome.

173 days ago


How the hell does he and John Stewart even have a show?

173 days ago



173 days ago


I've seen worse. Google "blackface Korean" for example.

173 days ago

I'm Awesome admit it     

People just need to get over it it's a joke do you think he's actually racist? No I love comedians who do race jokes Gary Owens Dave Chapelle etc. they're funny and I know they aren't serious

173 days ago


Judge only after you've lived among the ivory peddling, money grubbing, tax dodging, trash collecting sub-species.

173 days ago


The lack of specificity in Dat Nguyen's issue with Colbert's mocking of the Redskins makes me think he too is just reacting/bandwaggoning with the vitriol online and isn't really aware of the bigger point the show was making in the skit.

The skit, when it aired, didn't garner all this attention. It was the tweet later that did. Further, as Comedy Central has already pointed out, Stephen Colbert didn't send the tweet nor approve it. That was their doing and yes, it was out of context.

But considering contexts exists, do they really need to apologize for all the lazy people who didn't bother to look into it and just opted to go into full "faux-rage"?

"Our sincerest apologies that you didn't take the time to understand the context of our content and decided to instead immediately saddle up your high horse and ride high and mighty until there were no more characters left in your holster of tweets."

173 days ago


Stephen Colbert is a little queer douche bag. Somebody ought to knock his block off. Now that would be funny.

173 days ago


Well then he's a moron that didn't peep the context in which this was said. It was satire about racists. He wasn't serious. I guess you've never had to be particularly smart to play ball.

173 days ago


Everything is Offensive now days, So in the Beginning of every and any show that is on TV or the Internet should just offer an Apology before every show.

173 days ago

Just Steve    

And of course let the dumbass human race that still see's in color argue about absolutely nothing but blinded emotions. Go look in the mirror and ask yourself " what is my skin color really worth if I'm a piece of **** anyway?" *******s

173 days ago


It's called Satire. He is a character. My God the sheep.

173 days ago
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