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Found in Texas


4/3/2014 8:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Chupacabra Found in Texas
Leave it to Texas … a family claims they have captured a Chupacabra in their own backyard … forgetting momentarily the creature DOES NOT EXIST.

According to legend, a Chupacabra eats livestock and is known to drink their blood. Local news interviewed the family at their home in a small town in South Texas, and the husband told KABC, "I hunted coons for 20 years with dogs and I ain't never seen nothing looks like that right there."

A wildlife expert guessed the creature was probably some kind of canine suffering from mange, though the creature in the video can be seen eating with its hands ... leading a lot of people to think it's some kind of raccoon.

In a related story, the Tooth Fairy is now interning at TMZ for the summer. She came to the office today on a unicorn and drinks water from the Holy Grail.


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Odd looking critter indeed. There is a "Raccoon Dog" found in parts of Asia (Wikipedia:
But they aren't normally found in North America. The face, eyes, jaws and nose look canine. But no dogs pick things up with their paws (some do hold something down, but don't pick anything up)

166 days ago

J. Wright    

lol @ this, I saw the do***entary about these things on Netflix, pretty interesting, wondering if this is an actual Chupacabra, lol.


166 days ago


I think it's a baby Wallaby. Maybe someone had one ad a pet and it got away. Look up videos of Wallabys on youtube, they look exactly like this.

166 days ago


Well I'll be. The Chupacabra has been discovered by Paula Deans sister. Poor little thing better get out of that cage before they force feed him butter and lard.

166 days ago


obviously a black racoon with mange

166 days ago


It's obviously a black raccoon with mange, google images, exactly the same

166 days ago


it is a raccoon, they found another hairless raccoon in Florida that looks just like this one.

166 days ago


Are you people really that dumb are u faking it! That animal is as far and away as different from a raccoon is to a giraffe! And the rest of u who say its a dog with mange are just stupid. Look at its legs! The hind legs are noticeably longer than the front ones. Look how it eats. Show me a dog eats that way. Tell u what, go down to south Texas and pet it. Whoever said its a dog with mange is completely out of their gourd. It is what the people say it is.

166 days ago


TMZ should b ashamed for implying that Texans are slow, stupid or whatever. They are too stupid to realize they have the find of the century right in their hands and instead want to treat it as a big joke! What those people have caught proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the mythical creature really exist!s! Go on YouTube and watch the video recorded on the cops dash camera of this thing running along the road and then tell me it is a dog. And for u dummies that say it is a raccoon, look up a picture of a raccoon are better yet go to the damn zoo and see what a raccoon really looks like!

166 days ago


that poor creature

166 days ago


Uhmm this is a raccoon with mange! Google it it's identical!!!

166 days ago


Well in Puerto rico they said they've spotted one with wings we dont know if its the same one???

166 days ago


It kinda looks like baby North...lolz

166 days ago

karen hines    

This animal does not even resemble a raccoon..mange or not. It kinda looks like a small kangaroo....but it is Texas. Who knows! They didn't have to kill it, though! We're too quick to kill anything we don't understand!

166 days ago


Interesting... Wildlife experts say it's some sort of canine??? BS... I've never seen a dog hold and eat it's food in it's paws that way. That ain't no dog. Hairless Raccoon??? Maybe. But it sure does look like the numerous illustrations I've seen over the years of a Cupacabra. Be interesting to know what it really is....

166 days ago
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