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Debbie Rowe

Michael's Brothers are Greedy Slackers

4/13/2014 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie Rowe is scoffing at members of the Jackson family who claim she abandoned her children for Michael Jackson's money ... saying it's a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Sources connected to Rowe say Debbie expected Jermaine, Randy, Tito and Jackie to attack her when word got out -- via TMZ -- that she would fight for the guardianship of Paris and Prince.

Michael's brothers came out swinging, saying Rowe took Michael's money and then ran away from her kids and her responsibilities.

But our sources say Rowe is pissed but not surprised at the attack, insisting she never abandoned her kids.  She says Michael constantly called her for parenting advice and she was always there for him and the children.

She also says Michael often told her the only sibling with any talent was Janet, and the others turned sponging off him into an art form.

Rowe -- who would also like to become Blanket's guardian -- is deeply fearful the kids have no proper supervision.  She thinks Katherine is a good woman but way too old and slow to care for the kids, and she thinks Michael's siblings all couldn't give a crap and they are all bad influences.

Rowe believes MJ's brothers oppose her plan to seek guardianship because they know if that happens a huge chunk of the money Katherine gets from the MJ Estate -- more than $50K in child support -- will dry up.

Rowe is saying she wants to move the kids to her ranch in Palmdale, where she has a successful horse breeding business.


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They're blood, you're not How do you fight for somebody else's money? Without being family is beyond me!! Go back to your hiding debbie

194 days ago


TMZ Ugly Shot Editor - you rock!

194 days ago


Didn't she sign her rights away in exchange for money? And I agree that the jackson family doesn't care about those kids they just don't want the MJ money train to stop. But I will say prince has been living a normal teen life. We never see blanket though.... And poor Paris had a melt down.. But I think that had to do with her dad passing so suddenly... Everyone grieves on there own time.

194 days ago


the kids mite have a tuff time relating to her as they were raised in a predominantly blak household at neverland. MJ alwayz wanted his kyds to remember dey blak rootes.

194 days ago


I've changed my opinion on Debbie Rowe since Paris' suicide attempt. She really stepped up as a mother and I think she really is concerned for those kids.

194 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Debbie is a lunatic. Why would Michael call her for parenting advice when she has never been a parent? He wouldn't even let her see the kids. And even if Michael said his his brothers have no talent, which I doubt, there is 10 years of evidence that proves otherwise. She can keep earning a living by selling stories to TMZ because she's not getting the kids.

194 days ago


It won't be long before Paris, Prince and Blanket are old enough to tell their uncles to go f^ck themselves.

194 days ago


WRONG JACKSONS! All we want are some sexy sexy Paris Paris, sexy sexy Paris Paris... with her striking green eyes and her long long legs...

Just keepin' it real for yall.

194 days ago


so basically she lied about the marriage herplan was to get married so she could get the children. Calling these boys out on thier **** doesnt excuse or change her roll in this mess.

194 days ago


Debbie, you're no better.

194 days ago


Debbie Rowe will do a far better job of taking care of her kids than is currently being done. Debbie stayed out of the parenting her kids as long as Michael was alive. But since he died, she wants her parental rights back and I think she should get them.

194 days ago


If anyone knows how the Jackson family operates it's Debbie. I don't know if any of the brothers have ever held a real job or how they are financially surviving. She may not have raised her two kids in their early years, per Michaels' request, but the oldest kids are hers. Prince may be able to make his own decisions on who to live w/he seems to be allowed a long leash, but Paris might embrace Debbie as her full time mom.

194 days ago


She's right.. .. and she loved MJ and loves her kids .. they would be best with her

194 days ago


debby rowboat is willing to take her kyds bak 4 only 50,000/month. so it's def not about da munny

194 days ago


I used to not like her but i am starting to really like this woman. i like her even more for calling MJ's brothers out. Go Debbie!

194 days ago
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