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Ricky Watters, Roger Craig


Stop Exploiting Us!

5/20/2014 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

More than 600 retired NFL players -- including Ricky Watters and Roger Craig -- have teamed up to sue NFL Films ... claiming they're sick of watching the company exploit old NFL footage without paying the players a cent.

TMZ Sports has obtained the lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania ... in which the ex-NFL players (and estates of some deceased players) claim they never agreed to allow NFL Films to use footage featuring their images for free forever.

In fact, the players -- which also includes Raghib "The Rocket" Ismail and Kyle Brady -- argue their names and images have extremely high value and they should be compensated if NFL Films decides to use footage in commercials, TV shows and other programming. 

But NFL Films has fired back -- arguing that the players signed away the rights to use their names and images in the footage shot during their playing days when they signed their NFL contracts. 

NFL Films is asking the judge to throw out the case -- and demanding the players fork over the dough for attorneys' fees.  

The matter is slated to go before a judge in the near future. 

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1 - good for the players
NFL films owes them $$$

165 days ago


They must have spent all the money they made playing ball. So what to do after the money and fame fades.. Sue to try to get a glimmer of it back.. Get over it. You were a jock that got paid big bucks and you leaped to sign your contracts but apparently thought the money would flow forever. Fade away like your supposed to do. Be happy if they ever refer to you after you retire. Btw who made your name famous.. Oh ya the NFL. without them youd just have been a high school drop out.

165 days ago


Always a money grab. Half the players bitching are ones no one would have ever heard of unless NFL Films had aired old footage. Many were grossly overpaid as players. Too bad they spent their money.

165 days ago


What a bunch of money losing whiners.

What.... out of money so trying to SUE someone for more?

Look at your Contract Fools. YOU signed it, what, you can't read now?

Your bad, not the NFL's.


165 days ago

Dog And Pony    

The NFL is all about the $$$. They are a non-profit organization that takes in billions of dollars a year. The commissioner Rodger Godell's salary was $30 million last year.

Why can't they properly compensate these former players, and why can't they take care of the medical needs of their former players in the years after they've sacrificed their bodies to make the NFL what it is today?

I love football, but the NFL and NCAA are making billions off the backs of these athletes. These greedy organizations need to do a better job of sharing the wealth with the players who generate all the profits and taking care of their long term medical needs.

165 days ago


They think their name is worth so much why cant they make money off of it? If it wasnt for replays and announcers talking about them they would be forgotten in no time along with their precious names

165 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Recently, the National Fraud League has faced great tribulation.
Roger Goodell and ALL "Corporate America"-"Media" allies: NOTICE, has been SERVED.

Craigslist.com/NYC/Rant and Rave Section
"The House of David
The Undeniable and Indefensible Final Declaration"

165 days ago


I thought that was California Chrome's nose with that nasal strip on it.

165 days ago


Get a Job...Lazy Old ********s !

165 days ago

Otto broberg     

But these guys don't have NFL contracts anymore. So give em some cash. But NFL films is like watching sports history. Be happy your apart of it.

165 days ago

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