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You Be the Judge

7/5/2014 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Happy 4th ... unless you're Shia LaBeouf or Robin Thicke.  So on this Independence Day we gotta ask ... 


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These were too one sided. Maybe Beyonce was in doubt, but then who cares?

76 days ago


the election question is ridiculous.

76 days ago


"You be the judge" and agree with our opinions that were strongly made during TMZ live. You guys talk like celebrity gossip and personal opinions are FACT, then ask "clooney vs oprah? EVERYONE on TMZ voted oprah, but this is an unbiased poll." Gimme a break. If you guys cared what people wanted to read, you wouldn't post over half of your unedited "articles" (typed by monkeys) about only 3 topics: Justin Bieber, the KKKlan, and real estate. Ugh.

76 days ago


Shia alcohol/phychological: Both

Beyonce Hurt/playing: playing

Robin stupid/valiant: Stupid

Kendall Epic/Heartless: Heartless, disgusting...basically any negative word for a person, I would assign to that *****.

Sport killing world/despicable: Despicable. I can understand hunting for food. But just for the sheer joy of killing? You're a psycho and I hope an animal eats you. Preferably a small one, so it takes longer.

Nick Cannon/ Richard: Eh, he looks like him. I'm just not sure he is a good enough actor to pull it off.

JB condo right/rude: Rude

CB in 5 years stage/bars: Bars

2016 Oprah/Clooney: If I have to choose between those two, I would go with Clooney.

76 days ago


oprah or clooney? NEITHER!!!!!

75 days ago


You bleeding heart bungbiting nimrods!Go give a lion,especially one thats old and weak a big hug if you love it so much.Please I wanna watch you get whatyour stupid asz deserves!You brainless twits need to deal with reality. Nature is cruel,the young lady was merciful. And to do it with a BOW? MASSIVE SALUTE! YOU GO YOUNG LADY!

75 days ago


You can't hunt big game without agreeing to give the meat to the village. It's not head hunting its feeding people a lot of people.

75 days ago


What about the cancellation of TMZ 's (tm) "Famous in 12" after *five* episodes. Enjoy your July 4th Harvey. BWAA HAAA HAAA!

75 days ago


Oprah is so Much Closer to Obama then Clooney so in this Poll I would have to go with Clooney,

75 days ago


2016 Oprah/Clooney, how about move to Canada

75 days ago


If those were the candidates for the white house i would seriously start a revolution or join one.....

75 days ago


Oprah and George Clooney? Is this a joke?

75 days ago


I won't vote for the last question. I mean seriously - we had a celebrity in office for the last 6 years and look at the crap we have dealt with. Illegal immigrants swarming our boarders against the law... bringing TB and Swine flu and other diseases - welcomed with open arms and a ceremony in their honor... while our marine sits in a mexican prison for breaking their laws. We had millions dropped from their insurance plans only to find out Obamacare was 2x or greater, more expensive than what they had... the REAL unemployment rate is over 12% when you take into account those who are underemployed or who gave up looking for work... that's 2% greater than the worst under Bush. We have millions more being pushed onto a medicaide/medicare program that's already suffering from being stretched too thin, Obama promised to be transparent but everything is behind closed doors, and we still don't know what the hell he knows about the IRS, Benghazi, or why they had intel on the boston marathon bombers but let them go... He promised to heal the racial divide, but he has made the country more divided along racial lines than we were under ANY president in recent American history... Shortly after our first ambassador in over 3 decades was MURDERED (after many denials for extra security) Obama went to party with Beyonce and Jay Z... (no one said a damn thing... but God forbid Bush was golfing what Katrina happened.) Yet morons want two extreme left celebs to be president? Are you RETARDED?! No wonder our country is a joke around the world when once we were respected and even looked up to.

75 days ago

Victor Newman    

That Hunter posted that online to get her own reality show on the country music channel. She's cute that's all that matters.

75 days ago

Andrew Berry    

Can I vote both Alcohol and Psychological for Shia?

74 days ago
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