Mark Wahlberg Assault Victim Wants Him Pardoned ... He Didn't Blind Me!

12/11/2014 8:28 AM PST
Turns out one the stories behind Mark Wahlberg's 1988 arrest is FALSE  ... because his victim just broke his silence, saying Mark didn't poke his eye out.

As TMZ first reported, Wahlberg is gunning to have his felony assault conviction erased from his record so he can become a reserve officer.

The victim of that crime, Johnny Trinh, just told the Daily Mail Mark did not blind him during the attack ... he says he lost his eye from a grenade explosion in Vietnam.

And it gets crazier. Trinh says he didn't even know his attacker was the famous Mark Wahlberg until now. He also says he supports Mark's bid to get the conviction removed.

Free Marky Mark!