Blac Chyna Blasts Kylie Jenner ... Bitch, You Bit My Cooking Show!!

2/22/2016 12:42 PM PST
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Blac Chyna is warning Kylie Jenner to stay the hell off her corner -- there's only room for one celebrity chef in the family.

KJ dropped her debut episode of "Cooking with Kylie" Monday morning ... which probably sounds very familiar to her bro Rob Kardashian, since his gf's been doing the same damn thing!

BC's been doing "Cooking with Chyna" on social media for a few months. In fact, Rob was a fan of the page even before he hooked up with Chyna.

Kylie's new venture didn't go over well. Minutes after her 'Cooking' announcement, Chyna posted this not-so-cryptic message: "Bitch Bye Follow @cookingwithchyna #InfatuatedWitChy."

They've got 9 months to sort out who cooks Thanksgiving dinner.