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Yoenis Cespedes -- Pimped Out Tricycle -- Gift From Mets Employee!! (PHOTOS)

Yoenis Cespedes Pimped Out Tricycle Gift From Mets Employee!!

3/7/2016 4:16 PM PST

Fire spittin' Lambo? Check. Tricked out Jeep? Check. And now Yoenis Cespedes can add a pimped out TRICYCLE to his stable of sick rides.

The story's pretty cool. Cespedes -- who was born and raised in Cuba -- didn't have a car growing up ... so he traveled using a 3-wheeled bike.

A Mets employee named Theresa -- who happened to have the same bike Yoenis had growing up -- got wind of the story, and wanted to do something nice for the Mets star. So, she took her trike to Alex Vega at The Auto Firm in Miami and asked him to hook up the 3-wheeler ... on her dime.

Theresa gave Vega free reign ... so he customized the tricycle to match his brand new Jeep Wrangler. Painted white with custom red spokes ... and a seat stitched to look like a baseball.

Vega tells us Cespedes was ecstatic when he saw his new ride -- and super blown away at Theresa's kind gesture. 

Here's the twist ... Theresa had also brought her OWN whip to The Auto Firm to get some work done herself. 

Yoenis found out ... and wanted to return the nice gesture -- so he paid for ALL of the work done to Theresa's car, which included custom rims and a new paint job. 


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