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Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox is an American college student, being held in custody in Perugia, Italy, on multiple charges spanning over 3 years. Knox was an honors student at the University of Washington, in her sophomore year, when she moved to Italy in September 2007, to attend language classes at the University for Foreigners, with money she saved working multiple jobs near Seattle, WA. In 2009, she became the "most watched woman on Italian television" even more than Carla Bruni, due to her court hearings. In November 2007, she had been arrested as a suspect in the death of her roommate, then charged in October 2008, with slander against her former boss, and in January 2010 charged with defamation against the local Perugia police. Several investigators, such as CBS consultant Paul Ciolino or veteran FBI Agent Steve Moore, and several legal experts believe that those charges are unfounded. While in custody, Knox has continued to study Italian, German and other languages, with online college courses from Seattle University. When Amanda Knox moved to Italy in September 2007, she and British roommate Meredith Kercher became "fast friends", attending the university together, and going to pubs at night. They had even phoned each other, the day before the murder, to discuss their Halloween costumes. At midday on November 2, 2007, when Meredith didn't answer her phone, Amanda called their Italian roommate Filomena for help. Their friends broke in Meredith's locked bedroom to find her body semi-nude under a duvet, stabbed in the neck, with blood all around. Her 2 credit cards, 300 euros (~$420) and house-keys were missing. Her 2 mobile phones (for local and UK calls) were found in gardens off a nearby street, one ringing when Amanda called. In October 2008, the main suspect, Rudy Guede, who matched DNA and a blood hand-print and shoe-prints under the body, was tried and convicted for murdering Meredith Kercher, and sentenced to 30 years in prison, reduced to 16 years on appeal. Guede had been released by Milan and Perugia police, although caught with a stolen knife and PC/phone in a nursery school, just 5 days before the murder. Guede had claimed he saw an unknown knifer come to the house and stab her, fully dressed, but he couldn't explain how his Nike blood shoe-prints were on the bed pillow under the disrobed body. However, Amanda Knox and her boyfriend of 8 days were also tried for the murder, in 2009, based on minimal or contaminated evidence not allowable in U.S. courts, and the initial verdict was guilty, but upon appeal in April 2010, they were granted a new trial for the end of 2010. The lead prosecutor, Giuliano Mignini, was convicted, one month after them, for judicial misconduct and illegal wiretapping committed years earlier, but he also appealed the ruling (pending a suspended prison sentence) and was allowed to prosecute Knox for more charges. Even if Knox is acquitted of the murder, she still faces charges of defamation for testifying the police forced a false confession, and she could remain in prison for the remainder of 2-6 years if found guilty of defamation. Her parents have also been investigated for defamation in Italy, by telling her story about the Perugia police, and could spend 2-6 years in prison, unable to help support her legal expenses. While in prison, Knox has continued her college studies with online courses, just as her former boyfriend, Raffaele, completed his B.S. degree while in custody. Amanda Knox has announced plans to write a book about her experiences and ordeal in Italy.

Adam Levine -- I Got the Moves Like Knox!

Adam Levine
I Got the Moves Like Knox!

Just like Amanda Knox last week, Adam Levine is guilty ... of rockin' a matching monochromatic denim-on-denim suit.Even attractive people can have bad jeans.  READ MORE >

Amanda Knox -- Denim of Sin

Amanda Knox
Denim of Sin

Newly released, formerly convicted murderer Amanda Knox felt a little blue earlier today -- rocking a jean-on-jean combo in Seattle ... despite it not being 1995. READ MORE >

- 2418 days ago
Amanda Knox's Ex-Boyfriend -- I'm a Total Poser

Amanda Knox's Ex-Boyfriend
I'm a Total Poser

Former Italian murder convict Raffaele Sollecito -- Amanda Knox's ex-boyfriend -- had another reason to smile this week ... dude is finally getting a brand new Italian ID card. Sollecito -- who… READ MORE >

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Casey Anthony's Attorney -- Kudos to Amanda Knox's Parents

Casey Anthony's Attorney
Kudos to Amanda Knox's Parents For Supporting Her

Casey Anthony and Amanda Knox have a lot in common -- they were both recently freed from jail, they're both big celebrities now and they're both hot. What they don't have in common ... supportive… READ MORE >

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Amanda Knox's Mother -- One Happy Momma

Amanda Knox's Mother
One Happy Momma

Edda Mellas, mother of Amanda Knox, was all smiles yesterday when she was spotted outside her home in Seattle, WA. That smile is probably permanent now. READ MORE >

- 2423 days ago
Amanda Knox Likes 'Em White and Nerdy

Amanda Knox
Likes 'Em White and Nerdy

Here's Amanda Knox's pre-Italy ex-boyfriend David Johnsrud (left), leaving Amanda's mother's house in Seattle earlier this week ... and her ex-boyfriend from Italy who was recently acquitted of… READ MORE >

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Amanda Knox's Dad: The Lifetime Movie Is B.S.

Amanda Knox's Dad
The Lifetime Movie Is B.S.

Amanda Knox's father Curt Knox  claims the Lifetime movie that depicts his daughter as a violent murderer is "bulls**t" -- and there's a lawsuit pending in Italy to yank it off the… READ MORE >

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Amanda Knox -- Job Offer from Porn Company, No Sex Required

Amanda Knox
Job Offer from Porn Company ... No Sex Required

It was only a matter of time, but Amanda Knox has already gotten her first offer from a porn company -- but there's a HUGE twist ... because this deal offers CASH without having to show… READ MORE >

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Amanda Knox SPEAKS -- Tearful Homecoming in Seattle

Amanda Knox
SPEAKS at Tearful Homecoming

Amanda Knox broke down in tears ... as she spoke to the public for the first time during an emotional homecoming in Seattle moments ago.Amanda stepped to a podium setup for her at the airport,… READ MORE >

- 2426 days ago
Amanda Knox -- Heavy Security Plans for U.S. Arrival

Amanda Knox
Heavy Security Plans For U.S. Arrival

Amanda Knox and her family will be arriving in Seattle in the next few hours ... and TMZ has learned multiple security agencies, including U.S. Customs and the TSA are working together to execute… READ MORE >

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