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David Cassidy

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David Cassidy was born on April 12, 1950 to Jack Cassidy, a very skilled actor, and actress Evelyn Ward. By the time he was five, his parents were divorced and Jack had married actress Shirley Jones, an actress who in 1955 had just made Oklahoma!. When David was about 10, his mother moved to California from New Jersey. A few years later, she got married to a director and, like Jack Cassidy and Shirley Jones, the marriage ended in divorce. David was thrown out of schools and hardly made it through one year of college. When he was 18, he went east to New York to perform in a play called "The Fig Leafs are Falling." He did some other spots on TV, but in 1970 he got the opportunity to play Keith Partridge on the TV show The Partridge Family. (He did not know until he got the part that his real life stepmother Shirley Jones was to play his mother Shirley.) The show ended in 1974, but not the close relationship he had with his "sister" Susan Dey, who played Laurie Partridge. In 1976, David's father Jack died when his apartment caught on fire. That year, David got married to Kay Lenz, but they later divorced. He got married again to a horse trainer in 1984, but it did not last either. In 1990, he married again, to Sue Shifrin. (He has a son from Sue named Beau Devon.) In 1994, he wrote a book about his years being Keith Partridge. He still performs updated songs from the Partridge Family years.  See full bio on IMDb »

David Cassidy -- Man in the Middle of Drunken Cat Fight

David Cassidy
Man in the Middle ... of Drunken Cat Fight

Two women got into a knock-down, drag-out fight over a big male star ... and if we asked you to guess who the male star was ... how many guesses would you need to get to David Cassidy?Alas, that's… READ MORE >

David Cassidy -- I Won My 'Partridge Family' Lawsuit ... C'mon Get Happy!

David Cassidy
Wins 'Partridge Family' Lawsuit Over Sony ... C'mon Get Happy!

David Cassidy's three-year battle with Sony over profits from "The Partridge Family" is finally over ... but he ended up getting just a fraction of what he was after. Cassidy filed the suit… READ MORE >

- 23 days ago
David Cassidy -- Pleads GUILTY to DWI

David Cassidy
Pleads Guilty To DWI in NY State

David Cassidy copped a plea in his felony drunk driving case in NY, and got the charge reduced to misdemeanor DWI.Cassidy was in court Wednesday to enter a guilty plea. Under the terms of the… READ MORE >

- 145 days ago
David Cassidy Ordered Into Rehab After DUI Plea

David Cassidy
Ordered Into Rehab After DUI Plea

David Cassidy's ass just got spanked by the legal system after pleading no contest to DUI -- the judge ordered him to enroll in a 90-day live-in rehab facility for alcohol abuse.TMZ broke the… READ MORE >

- 308 days ago
David Cassidy's Wife Files For Divorce

David Cassidy
Wife Files for Divorce

David Cassidy's wife will file for divorce this morning ... ending their 23-year marriage ... TMZ has learned.Sue Cassidy is not saying whether the decision to divorce has anything to do with… READ MORE >

- 350 days ago
David Cassidy -- Charged With DUI

David Cassidy
Charged With DUI

David Cassidy has just been charged with one count of driving under the influence of alcohol  ... the L.A. City Attorney's office tells TMZ.We broke the story ... Cassidy was arrested in L.A.… READ MORE >

- 356 days ago
David Cassidy -- Arrested for Drunk Driving ... AGAIN!

David Cassidy
Arrested for Drunk Driving ... AGAIN!

David Cassidy was arrested Friday night for driving drunk ... TMZ has learned.David had just exited the 405 freeway in LA when cops say they saw him make an illegal right onto a surface street ...… READ MORE >

- 380 days ago
David Cassidy Sued -- The Car Crash 'Victim' Is a Phone-y Baloney

David Cassidy Sued
Car Crash 'Victim' Is a Phone-y Baloney

David Cassidy maimed a woman because of his reckless cell phone antics ... so claims the lady in a new lawsuit.Novlet Lawrence claims in her lawsuit ... the "Partridge Family" star was negligently… READ MORE >

- 465 days ago
David Cassidy -- Arrested for Drunk Driving

David Cassidy
Arrested For Drunk Driving

David Cassidy was just arrested by Tom Jones ... for drunk driving.Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Cassidy was in upstate New York early this AM -- outside Albany -- when he was pulled over by… READ MORE >

- 523 days ago
David Cassidy SUED -- C'Mon, Get to Paying Your Giant Bill

David Cassidy SUED
C'Mon, Get ... To Paying Your Giant Bill!

"The Partridge Family" star David Cassidy is learning the hard way ... it's never a good idea to stiff your lawyers, no matter how dreamy you are (allegedly) ... because they'll sue your… READ MORE >

- 618 days ago

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