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Demetrious Johnson

Demetrious Johnson is a UFC fighter in the flyweight category. He was born on August 13, 1986 and is from Parkland, WA, a suburb of Tacoma. He was raised by a single mom, who is deaf, alongside his brother and sister. Johnson’s nickname in the ring is Mighty Mouse. He became the UFC’s first, and so far only, flyweight champion in September 2012. Prior to joining UFC, Johnson saw success in World Extreme Cagefighting as a bantamweight. He attended Pierce Community College, but didn’t complete his associates degree, choosing instead to train in fighting. In June 2017, Johnson released a scathing statement about “UFC’s mistreatment and bullying” and claimed the organization’s president Dana White threatened to cancel his category.

Johnson is married to wife Destiny and they have two sons, Tyren and Maveryk.

Demetrious Johnson: Floyd Would Get 'Ass Whooped' in UFC, MMA > Boxing!

Demetrious Johnson
Floyd Gets His 'Ass Whooped' in UFC ... MMA > Boxing!

If Floyd Mayweather fights in the UFC, Demetrious Johnson says he knows exactly how it'd go down -- "He'd get his ass whooped." TMZ Sports spoke with the UFC's pound-for-pound king in Minneapolis… READ MORE >

Demetrious Johnson: Thanks, Anderson Silva ... But I'm NOT the G.O.A.T.

Demetrious Johnson
Thanks, Anderson ... But I'm NOT the G.O.A.T.

UFC pound-for-pound king Demetrious Johnson says it's "an honor" Anderson Silva called him the greatest fighter of all time -- but tells TMZ Sports he does NOT think he's G.O.A.T.… READ MORE >

- 59 days ago
Anderson Silva Says Demetrious Johnson Is the Real G.O.A.T.

Anderson Silva
Demetrious Is the Real G.O.A.T.

UFC legend Anderson Silva says he's NOT the greatest MMA fighter of all time -- telling TMZ Sports that honor goes to Demetrious Johnson. In his prime, Silva had 17 consecutive wins -- with 10… READ MORE >

- 60 days ago
Demetrious Johnson: I Would Destroy Mayweather, PLEASE Fight Me!

Demetrious Johnson
I Would Destroy Mayweather ... PLEASE Fight Me!

Demetrious Johnson thinks Floyd Mayweather would be EASY WORK in the octagon -- telling TMZ Sports he'd obliterate the boxing superstar if the two clashed in the UFC.  After Dana White… READ MORE >

- 87 days ago
UFC's T.J. Dillashaw to Demetrious Johnson: 'Man Up' & 'Don't Be Scared' to Fight Me

UFC's T.J. Dillashaw
Man Up & Fight Me, Mighty Mouse ... Don't Be Scared, Homie!

T.J. Dillashaw wants to fight Demetrious Johnson so bad, he's stepping his trash-talk game up to Nick Diaz levels to put the UFC pound-for-pound king on notice. "Don't be scared ... man up,… READ MORE >

- 114 days ago
TJ Dillashaw: Cody Garbrandt Doesn't Deserve Rematch, Bring On Demetrious!

UFC's TJ Dillashaw:
Garbrandt Doesn't Deserve Rematch ... Bring On Demetrious!

T.J. Dillashaw says there's NO WAY Cody Garbrandt gets an immediate rematch after their war at UFC 217 -- saying "No Love" has to get in line ... behind Demetrious Johnson!  The UFC… READ MORE >

- 132 days ago
Demetrious Johnson: I Can Beat Brock Lesnar, Here's How

Demetrious Johnson
I Can Beat Brock Lesnar ... Here's How

UFC flyweight champ Demetrious Johnson says size actually doesn't matter ... telling TMZ Sports he thinks he could actually beat Brock Lesnar, and he has a plan on how to get it done.… READ MORE >

- 151 days ago
UFC's Demetrious Johnson: Yep, I Tried to Snap Ray Borg's Arm!

UFC's Demetrious Johnson
I Tried to Snap Borg's Arm ... He's Lucky He Tapped

Demetrious Johnson says Ray Borg's lucky he tapped out when he did at UFC 216 ... 'cause he was SECONDS away from breaking the dude's arm in two!!! After catching Borg in that EPIC flying armbar,… READ MORE >

- 160 days ago
UFC's Demetrious Johnson: 1st Time I Got Punched? All Over WWE Wrestling

UFC's Demetrious Johnson
1st Time I Got Punched? All Over WWE Wrestling

Every UFC fighter has an origin story ... and for Demetrious Johnson, his fight career started by the elementary school flagpole -- in a throwdown over WWE wrestling.  Mighty Mouse joined… READ MORE >

- 166 days ago
UFC's Ray Borg Bragged About Health 1 Day Before Bailing On UFC 215

UFC's Ray Borg
Bragged About 'Fantastic' Health 1 Day Before Bailing On UFC 215

UFC contender Ray Borg told TMZ Sports he felt "fantastic" -- and was in the best shape of his life -- just 24 hours before backing out of his UFC 215 fight against Demetrious Johnson. Borg… READ MORE >

- 191 days ago
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