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Edward Norton

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Edward Harrison Norton was born on August 18, 1969, in Boston, Massachusetts, and was raised in Columbia, Maryland.His mother, Lydia Robinson "Robin" (Rouse), was a foundation executive and teacher of English, and a daughter of famed real estate developer James Rouse, who developed Columbia, MD; she passed away of brain cancer on March 6, 1997. His father, Edward Mower Norton, Jr., was an environmental lawyer and conservationist, who works for the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Edward has two younger siblings, James and Molly.From the age of five onward, the Yale graduate (majoring in history) was interested in acting. At the age of eight, he would ask his drama teacher what his motivation in a scene was. He attended theater schools throughout his life, and eventually managed to find work on stage in New York as a member of the Signature players, who produced the works of playwright and director Edward Albee. Around the time when he was appearing in Albee's Fragments, in Hollywood, they were looking for a young actor to star opposite Richard Gere in a new courtroom thriller, Primal Fear. The role was offered to Leonardo DiCaprio but he turned it down. Gere was on the verge of walking away from the project, fed up with the wait for a young star to be found, when Edward auditioned and won the role over 2000 other hopefuls. Before the film was even released, his test screenings for the part were causing a Hollywood sensation, and he was soon offered roles in Woody Allen's Everyone Says I Love You and The People vs. Larry Flynt. Edward won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Supporting Role and received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Primal Fear. In 1998, Norton gained 30 pounds of muscle and transformed his look into that of a monstrous skinhead for his role as a violent white supremacist in American History X. This performance would earn him his second Oscar nomination, this time for Best Actor. In 1999 came the critically acclaimed Fight Club and in 2000 came his directorial debut in Keeping the Faith.  See full bio on IMDb »

Ed Norton Smacked My Camera ... Says Alleged Ed Norton Look-alike

Ed Norton
Smacked My Camera Says Alleged Ed Norton Look-alike

Ed Norton has been accused of smacking an Ed Norton "look-alike" on the streets of New York ... and the whole thing was caught on tape, TMZ has learned. Here's the 411 -- Norton was walking down… READ MORE >

Hulk vs. Hulk vs. Hulk vs. Hulk: Who'd You Rather?

Hulk vs. Hulk vs. Hulk vs. Hulk
Who'd You Rather?

Here's Mark Ruffalo playing not-so jolly green giant the Hulk in the upcoming "Avengers" movie, following in the muscled footsteps of Edward Norton in the 2008 film "The Incredible Hulk," Eric… READ MORE >

- 1648 days ago
The Hulk vs. The Hulk: Who'd You Rather?

The Hulk vs. The Hulk
Who'd You Rather?

Ed Norton, 41, played Bruce Banner in the 2008 film "The Incredible Hulk" and Mark Ruffalo, 43, will play the green superhero in the upcoming 2012 blockbuster "The Avengers."Question is ...  READ MORE >

- 2057 days ago
Ed Norton's Tutu in a Bunch After NY Ballet

Ed Norton's Tutu in a Bunch After NY Ballet

Edward Norton must really hate the ballet, because after sitting through a night of guys in tights, dude was testier than ever.When we asked what the first rule of Fight Club was, he shot back… READ MORE >

- 2664 days ago
Ed Norton -- U Can't Touch This!

Ed Norton -- U Can't Touch This!

Ed Norton is giving perennially-pissed off Jessica Alba a run for her money. Last night at the Creative Coalition Gala in D.C., an autograph seeker dared to touch Ed's sacred coat. Ed reacted with… READ MORE >

- 2778 days ago
Ed Norton -- Triple Security Threat At LAX

Ed Norton -- Triple Security Threat At LAX

The TSA guys at LAX are some brave souls to make Ed Norton go through the metal detector three times this morning. We hear you won't like him when he's angry. See Also Incredible Hulk, Incredibly… READ MORE >

- 2947 days ago
Incredible Hulk, Incredibly Bad Surfer

Incredible Hulk, Incredibly Bad Surfer

Ed Norton approaches his oncoming wipeout with a sh** eating grin.Courtney Love's ex has been trying to master the art of standing on a surfboard without flying off while vacationing in Hawaii. He… READ MORE >

- 3071 days ago
For Sale: Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Hicks

For Sale:
Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Hicks

Dreams really do come true. If you can meet their price, you can party with your favorite "American Idol." According to the New York Post, the going rate for the reality show's castoffs, finalists… READ MORE >

- 3544 days ago
Jessica Biel - Sexy and Loving It

Jessica Biel
Sexy and Loving It

Since being crowned the "Sexiest Woman Alive" in 2005 by Esquire magazine, Jessica Biel admits that not all that much has changed for her. "Nothing's different, I still live my life the way I… READ MORE >

- 3667 days ago

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