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Jermaine Wiggins

Ex-Pats TE Praises Josh McDaniels: Indy's 'a S**t Show' Anyway

Ex-Pats TE Jermaine Wiggins
Praises Josh McDaniels: Indy's 'a S**t Show' Anyway

"Who the hell wants to go to the Colts organization and play for [Jim] Irsay. I mean, that place is an absolute s**t show" -- says ex-Patriots tight end Jermaine Wiggins. Wiggins would know ...… READ MORE >

Ex-Patriots TE Jermaine Wiggins: There's No Breakup, It's All Lies!

Ex-Patriots TE Jermaine Wiggins
There's No Breakup ... It's All Lies!

He personally knows all 3 guys ... and now former Patriots tight end Jermaine Wiggins says reports of trouble between Brady, Belichick and Kraft should be met with "both middle fingers up."… READ MORE >

- 77 days ago
Rob Gronkowski Getting Suspended For 'Cheap Shot' Would Be Crazy, Says S.B. Champ

Rob Gronkowski
Suspension Would Be Absurd ... Says Super Bowl Champ

There's no way Gronk should be suspended for his controversial hit on a Bills player ... so says former Super Bowl champ Jermaine Wiggins, who thinks anyone saying otherwise is just a Patriots… READ MORE >

- 109 days ago
S.B. Champ Jermaine Wiggins: You're on Drugs If You Think Tom Brady's Done!!

Tom Brady
You're On Drugs If You Think He's Done ... Says Ex-Teammate

If you think it's time for Tom Brady to retire ... PUT DOWN THE CRACK PIPE, so says Brady's old teammate ... who believes anyone saying he's washed up has gotta be on drugs. TMZ… READ MORE >

- 190 days ago
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