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Kathy Griffin

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Kathy Griffin was raised in the near-west Chicago suburbs, in an Irish-American family. She has three older brothers and an older sister. When her parents retired to California, Kathy moved west with them after graduating from Oak Park River Forest High School and began trying to break into show business. She performed with the Groundlings and then paid her dues doing stand-up at various clubs until she was discovered. According to her brothers, as a kid, Kathy would circulate among the guests at parties and tell jokes. Kathy has a regular stand-up engagement at the Laugh Factory in L.A. and hosted the reality series Average Joe (2003). She stars in the Emmy winning reality series Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List (2005).  See full bio on IMDb »

Kathy Griffin Wears Trump Mask, Flips Bird in Stand-up Return

Kathy Griffin
Wears Trump Mask, Flips the Bird In Return to Stand-up

Kathy Griffin is picking up right where she left off -- rocking a Donald Trump mask onstage ... although this was not bloody. Kathy did her first stand-up gig since the infamous… READ MORE >

Kathy Griffin's Neighbor Says She's Spying on Him

Kathy Griffin
Neighbor Says Somebody's Watching Me ... And it's Her!!!

Kathy Griffin's neighbor says the comedian is more than a snoop ... she's a spy. Jeffrey Mezger just filed legal docs, obtained by TMZ, that say he and his wife were told by LAPD Kathy and her… READ MORE >

- 255 days ago
Kathy Griffin's Neighbor Says He's the Real Victim in Their Feud

Kathy Griffin
Neighbor Runs to Court ... Says He's the Real Victim in Feud

Kathy Griffin's neighbor refuses to back down, and has actually gone to court to get his own restraining order against her and her bf. Kathy fired the first shot in the neighborhood feud last… READ MORE >

- 256 days ago
Kathy Griffin Says Neighbor Threatening Violence, Gets Restraining Order

Kathy Griffin
My Neighbor's Out for Revenge ... I Need Protection!!!

Kathy Griffin's neighbor war is so intense now, she's run to court to get protection from him -- but fears some serious consequences for doing so. According to court docs, Kathy filed for a… READ MORE >

- 266 days ago
Kathy Griffin's Sister Joyce Dead after Cancer Battle

Kathy Griffin's Sister Joyce
Dead after Cancer Battle

Kathy Griffin's sister, Joyce -- the one stricken with cancer who inspired Kathy to shave her head in July -- has lost her battle. Joyce Griffin succumbed to an undisclosed form of cancer after… READ MORE >

- 276 days ago
Kathy Griffin's Trump Beheading Photo Fetches Huge Price

Kathy Griffin
Trump Beheading Photo Fetches HUGE Price

Kathy Griffin's photo of a fake, bloody Trump head has would-be buyers chomping at the bit to have it hanging in their living rooms ... but the photog has his price, and it's mighty… READ MORE >

- 278 days ago
Kathy Griffin Says Trump Beheading Investigation Closed, 'I'm Exonerated'

Kathy Griffin
I'm in the Clear! Trump Beheading Probe Over

Kathy Griffin says the feds have "completely exonerated" her for the infamous Donald Trump beheading photo. According to Kathy, the federal investigation into the bloody head photo… READ MORE >

- 325 days ago
Kelsey Grammer Advises Kathy Griffin, There Is a Way to Bounce Back  (VIDEO)

Kelsey Grammer
Chin Up, Kathy Griffin ... Funny Trumps Controversy

Kelsey Grammer ain't buying what Kathy Griffin's selling -- her career won't be ruined in the wake of the President Trump beheading photo ... IF she follows his advice. We… READ MORE >

- 381 days ago
Kathy Griffin Gets Ax from Last Theater in Comedy Tour

Kathy Griffin
Gets the Ax From Last Theater in Comedy Tour

Kathy Griffin's offensive against Donald Trump Friday apparently fell on deaf ears ... because the only remaining venue that would allow her to perform has just pulled the plug. We've learned… READ MORE >

- 381 days ago
Kathy Griffin Lashes Out at Trump Family for Bullying Her (VIDEOS)

Kathy Griffin
Lashes Out at Trump Fam for Bullying Her

Kathy Griffin now says all she did with the now infamous photo is parody Donald Trump's own words about Megyn Kelly, when he said during the campaign, "She had blood coming out of her eyes,… READ MORE >

- 381 days ago
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