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Kirk Kerkorian

Kerkor "Kirk" Kerkorian (born June 15, 1917) is an American-Armenian businessman who is the president/CEO of Tracinda Corporation, his private holding company based in Beverly Hills, California. Kerkorian is known as one of the important figures in shaping Las Vegas and, with architect Martin Stern, Jr. the "father of the mega-resort." Kirk Kerkorian was born on June 6, 1917 in Fresno, California, to Armenian immigrant parents. Dropping out of school in 8th grade, he became a fairly skilled amateur boxer under the tutelage of his older brother, fighting under the name "Rifle Right Kerkorian" to win the Pacific amateur welterweight championship. In 1939, he met Ted O'Flaherty, for whom he installed wall furnaces that heated water. O'Flaherty was taking flying lessons, and having taken no interest Kerkorian took a guest seat one day and was converted on the views of the Californian coast. On sensing the oncoming World War II, and not wanting to join the infantry, he learned to fly at the Happy Bottom Riding Club in the Mojave Desert — adjacent to the USAF's Muroc Field, now Edwards Air Force Base. In exchange for flying lessons from pioneer aviatrix Pancho Barnes, he agreed to milk

Kirk Kerkorian Dead -- Billionaire Casino Mogul Dies at 98

Kirk Kerkorian
Billionaire Casino Mogul Dies at 98

Business tycoon Kirk Kerkorian -- the billionaire behind Las Vegas casinos, Hollywood's MGM Studio, and Chrysler ... has died at the age of 98.  Kerkorian died in Los Angeles on Monday after… READ MORE >

Ex-MGM Mogul Kirk Kerkorian -- Wife Loses Bid for $500K in MONTHLY Horse Expenses!

Ex-MGM Mogul Kirk Kerkorian
Wife Loses Bid for $500K a Month In Horse Expenses!

Ex-MGM mogul Kirk Kerkorian just scored a knockout punch against his ex-wife Lisa Bonder ... a judge just shut down her request to up monthly child support from $100K to $565K.It's a spectacular… READ MORE >

- 994 days ago
Billionaire Divorce -- $100K a Month in Child Support

Billionaire Divorce
$100K a Month in Child Support

Ex-MGM owner Kirk Kerkorian is used to writing big checks, so it may only come with a wince that he has to pay $100,000 a month in child support -- for one kid!Kerkorian -- who had one of the… READ MORE >

- 2378 days ago