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Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner was born on August 10, 1997 and resides in Los Angeles. She is the second daughter of Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce Jenner). She has an older sister, Kendall, and older half-siblings Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Rob Kardashian from Kris’ first marriage to the late Robert Kardashian and Cassandra, Burt, Brandon, and Brody from Caitlyn’s previous two marriages. Jenner grew up in front of the camera on the reality show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” She has made a name for herself in the beauty world with Kylie Lip Kit and Kylie Cosmetics. In partnership with sister Kendall, the duo has the clothing and accessories collection Kendall + Kylie and another line sold exclusively at PacSun. Jenner dated rapper Tyga, who has one son, King Cairo, with his ex, Blac Chyna. Chyna went on to have a second child, daughter Dream, with Jenner’s half-brother Rob.

Kylie Jenner Shows Off Curves in Spandex on Miami Luxury Yacht

Kylie Jenner
Not Just on a Boat ... I'm On a Superyacht in Spandex!!!

Here's Kylie Jenner covering up and staying modest in Miami and ... JUST KIDDING, LOOK AT HER CURVES IN BLACK SPANDEX!!! There's no doubt about it, MILFdom looks better than ever on KJ, who showed… READ MORE >

Kim Kardashian West Has Smiley Reunion with Tyga at Beyonce & Jay-Z's Concert

Kim Kardashian
OMG, Tyga! So Great to See You!!! What Nasty Breakup?

Kylie Jenner's fam has zero beef with her ex-bf, Tyga ... or so it seems after he had a pretty touchy-feely reunion with Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner. The chance encounter went down Sunday… READ MORE >

- 27 days ago
Kylie Jenner Gets Dolled Up for BFF Jordyn Woods' Birthday Bash

Kylie Jenner
Handsy with BFF ... She's Turning 21 Too!!!

Kylie Jenner brought the glamour and her BFF Jordyn Woods brought the glitz -- and together, the dynamic duo painted the town. The ladies were all dolled up to get a head start on… READ MORE >

- 30 days ago
Kylie Jenner's Milk Discovery Inspires Dairy Farmer to Name Baby Cow After Her

Kylie Jenner
Cereal with Milk Saga ... Takes Udderly Adorable Turn

Kylie Jenner's discovery -- that putting milk on cereal is pretty fantastic -- was so moooooving to a California dairy farmer, he decided to pay tribute ... by naming his baby cow after her. David… READ MORE >

- 31 days ago
Sean Patrick Thomas & Aonika Laurent Say Kylie Jenner's Using Wrong Milk in Cereal

Sean Patrick Thomas
Kylie's Doing it Wrong ... Put Breast Milk on That Cereal!!!

Kylie Jenner passing on milk in her cereal makes total sense to Sean Patrick Thomas and Aonika Laurent, but they have a new, healthier, recommendation for her next bowl.  We got… READ MORE >

- 31 days ago
Kylie Jenner's Cereal Will Never Go Milk-Less Again Thanks to Almond Breeze

Kylie Jenner
Almond Milk Co. Says ... You'll Never Go Dry Again!!!

Kylie Jenner is about to go from milk-less to milk overload thanks in part to her very public decree over how to drench her cereal. Jenner sparked the equivalent of a social media riot Tuesday… READ MORE >

- 31 days ago
Kylie Jenner Lying About Never Having Cereal with Milk?!!?

Kylie Jenner
Cereal Liar?!!?

Kylie Jenner SAYS she hadn't tasted one of life's greatest delights -- cereal with milk -- until this week, but she's cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs because we found out ... she's been on the milk for… READ MORE >

- 32 days ago
Kylie Jenner's World Rocked by Having Cereal with Milk for First Time

Kylie Jenner
Wait!!! Cereal is Good WITH Milk???

Kylie Jenner being a near-billionaire at the age of 21 ain't the most impressive thing in her life -- that distinction falls to a bowl of cereal and milk. Idle rich, much? Kylie is seriously… READ MORE >

- 32 days ago
Kim Kardashian West Shares Photo of All Three Family Babies Together

Kim Kardashian West
It's Babypalooza!!!

Get ready for your "awwwwww" jaw to drop ... because Kim Kardashian West's latest Instagram pic is pretty dang cute. Kim shared a photo of all 3 of the Kardashian family baby girls -- her… READ MORE >

- 37 days ago
Tyga Takes Credit For Kylie Jenner's Success

Kylie's Successful 'Cause of Me!!!

Kylie Jenner is almost a billionaire and world famous largely because of Tyga ... so says Tyga. Kylie's ex appeared on Nicki Minaj's Beats 1 show on Queen Radio, and took lots of credit for… READ MORE >

- 51 days ago
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