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Luke Rockhold

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Luke Rockhold was born on October 17, 1984 in Santa Cruz County, California, USA.  See full bio on IMDb »

Luke Rockhold Wants Yoel Romero Rematch, I'll Kick His Ass at Light Heavyweight

Luke Rockhold
Wants Yoel Romero Rematch ... But There's a Catch

Luke Rockhold says he'd beat the snot out of Yoel Romero at light heavyweight ... telling TMZ Sports he'd be down for a rematch after UFC 230, but Romero's gotta make weight this time. We spoke… READ MORE >

Luke Rockhold Says Conor Doesn't Deserve Rematch, Khabib Destroyed Him!

Luke Rockhold
Conor Doesn't Deserve Rematch ... Khabib Destroyed Him!

Luke Rockhold says Khabib obliterated Conor McGregor so easily -- the Irish superstar doesn't really deserve a rematch ... but he'll do it if the price is right!!!  Luke is Khabib's teammate… READ MORE >

- 12 days ago
UFC's Luke Rockhold Opens Bloody Gash On Shin, Gets Stitches

UFC's Luke Rockhold
Opens Gnarly, Bloody Leg Gash ... So Many Stitches!

UFC star Luke Rockhold banged his shin -- and accidentally opened a gash on his leg that needed so many stitches, the guy lost count.  We spoke with Rockhold, who says his shin was… READ MORE >

- 152 days ago
Luke Rockhold Ringside for Brutal Karate Combat K.O.

Luke Rockhold
Ringside for Brutal Karate Combat K.O.

Luke Rockhold was one of the special VIP guests at a pretty crazy fight in Miami last night -- with supercars, celebrities ... and a brutal knockout.  Luke was ringside at Karate Combat:… READ MORE >

- 178 days ago
UFC's Luke Rockhold: 'I Can't Feel My Feet,' Shows Off Gross Post-Fight Swelling

UFC's Luke Rockhold
'I Can't Feel My Feet' ... Gross Post-Fight Swelling

UFC superstar Luke Rockhold kicked so much ass this weekend, his foot exploded.  Well, it certainly blew the hell up.  Take a look at video of Luke's insanely swollen and… READ MORE >

- 398 days ago
Luke Rockhold's UFC Opponent: Violent Threats Don't Scare Me, 'He Ain't a Killer!'

Luke Rockhold
Violent Threats Don't Scare Me ... Says UFC Opponent

UFC fighter David Branch ain't sweatin' that Luke Rockhold threatened to put him in the hospital ... telling TMZ Sports his superstar opponent ain't the badass he says he… READ MORE >

- 402 days ago
Luke Rockhold: Jon Jones Has Been Cheating All Along, Cormier's the Champ

Luke Rockhold
Jon Jones Is An Undisputed Cheater ... DC Should Be Champ

Jon Jones can deny it all he wants ... but he cheated before BOTH his fights with Daniel Cormier, which makes DC the true champ -- so says UFC superstar Luke Rockhold. The "B"… READ MORE >

- 403 days ago
Luke Rockhold: I Don't Date Chick Fighters, 'Too Tough for Me'

UFC's Luke Rockhold
I Don’t Date Chick Fighters ... Too Tough for Me

Don't worry about Luke Rockhold dippin' his pen in the company ink ...  Despite nailing all sorts of hot women all over the world -- famous ones, wannabe famous ones, you name it -- the UFC… READ MORE >

- 448 days ago
Luke Rockhold: Cormier Will Beat Jones In Crazy Violent War

Luke Rockhold
Cormier Will Beat Jon Jones ... In Crazy, Violent War

Luke Rockhold says his boy, Daniel Cormier, WILL DEFEAT Jon Jones at UFC 214 this weekend -- but it'll be a war.  "I just think they beat the living crap out of each other for 5… READ MORE >

- 451 days ago
Luke Rockhold: 'I Want 3rd Fight with Michael Bisping' (VIDEO)

Luke Rockhold
'I Want 3rd Fight with Michael Bisping'

Luke Rockhold says he wants to settle things with Michael Bisping once and for all -- telling TMZ Sports he's 100% down for a 3rd fight with the UFC star ... when Bisping's healthy enough to go.… READ MORE >

- 501 days ago
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