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Roy Nowlin Jr. was born in Brooklyn, NY. He attended the City University of New York's College of Technology, earning an Associates degree in Legal Studies. Roy then immersed himself in film production at the Millennium Film Workshop before moving into the film program at Brooklyn College. After more than a decade of being one of the most sought after cinematographers in the music and indie film scene based solely on word of mouth, this veteran filmmaker has yet another dimension to show us. With upcoming debuts in films, television and on stage, Roy is changing direction and making star turns in acting. Roy Nowlin Jr. is showing us that this jack of all trades truly is a master of more.

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Chris Brown & Nia Guzman on Verge of Hammering Out New Child Support Deal

Chris Brown & Nia Guzman
Getting Along So Well ... New Child Support Deal's in Order

Chris Brown and Nia Guzman are getting along better than ever ... so good, in fact, sources tell us they're on the verge of hammering out a new child support deal. Sources connected to… READ MORE >

Chris Brown And Baby Mama Throwing $30k 4th Birthday Party For Royalty

Chris Brown
Throwing $30k 4th Bday Party For Royalty ... With Baby Mama

Chris Brown and his baby mama, Nia Guzman, have called a truce in their never-ending custody war ... deciding for the sake of Royalty that they'll throw a joint 4th birthday party. Royalty… READ MORE >

- 201 days ago
Chris Brown's Daughter Didn't Get the Monkey, It's His Pet

Chris Brown
Chill Out ... Monkey Is Mine, Not Royalty's!!!

Chris Brown knows better than to give Royalty a pet monkey ... which is why he didn't. Sources close to CB tell TMZ ... the baby capuchin monkey everyone saw his 3-year-old daughter… READ MORE >

- 366 days ago
Chris Brown Buys His Daughter Royalty a Pet Monkey

Chris Brown
My Baby Girl's Monkeyin' Around!

Chris Brown could've done a puppy or kitten, but instead he went exotic for Royalty's early Christmas gift, and hooked her up with ... a brand new monkey!!! Chris' daughter got cozy… READ MORE >

- 370 days ago
Chris Brown's Daughter Royalty Launching Kids Clothing Line!!!

Royalty Brown
Entrepreneur at 3 ... Launching Kids Clothing Line!!!

Chris Brown's daughter, Royalty, isn't old enough to go to preschool, but she's more than ready to start a company. Royalty, with an assist from mama Nia Guzman, is unveiling a… READ MORE >

- 495 days ago
Chris Brown Throws Best 3rd Birthday Party for Daughter Royalty (PHOTO GALLERY)

Chris Brown
Throws Daughter Best BDay Party ... Pool AND Six Flags!

Chris Brown's daughter, Royalty, was treated to every 3-year-old's birthday dream ... an epic pool party, plus a trip to Six Flags. CB posted a bunch of pics of Royalty's birthday weekend --… READ MORE >

- 562 days ago
Soulja Boy Exploits Chris Brown's Daughter and Baby Mama in Feud (PHOTO + VIDEO)

Soulja Boy
Exploits Chris Brown's Daughter And Baby Mama in Feud

Well, it just got real ... Chris Brown's daughter, Royalty, is now smack in the middle of his beef with Soulja Boy -- and Soulja's the one who put her there. SB just posted a pic of… READ MORE >

- 707 days ago
Chris Brown's Daughter -- Selena's Family Beaming After Royalty Homage

Chris Brown's Daughter
Selena's Family Beaming After Royalty Homage

Chris Brown's daughter paid Selena an adorable tribute, and the late singer's family couldn't be prouder. Selena's brother, A.B. Quintanilla, tells TMZ he was moved when he saw Royalty's… READ MORE >

- 771 days ago
Chris Brown -- Baby Mama Sees Me As Her Meal Ticket ... I'm No Deadbeat Dad (VIDEO)

Chris Brown
Baby Mama's Treating Me Like Her Meal Ticket I'm No Deadbeat Dad

Chris Brown says his baby mama, Nia Guzman, is exploiting his latest arrest in hopes of getting a little more money out of him. Chris responded to the story TMZ broke about Nia… READ MORE >

- 811 days ago
Chris Brown -- Royalty Visits Now Monitored ... Baby Mama Blew Whistle

Chris Brown
Royalty Visits Now Monitored ... Baby Mama Blew Whistle

Chris Brown's baby mama is fed up with all the drama in his life, so much so ... she dimed him out to DCFS. Sources close to Nia Guzman tell TMZ ... she filed the complaint with DCFS some time… READ MORE >

- 811 days ago
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