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Steven Tyler

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Steven Tyler was born on March 26, 1948 in Yonkers, New York, USA as Steven Victor Tallarico. He was previously married to Teresa Barrick and Cyrinda Foxe.  See full bio on IMDb »

Steven Tyler -- Worker Hurt In Nasty Fall From Aerosmith Frontman's House

Steven Tyler's House
Worker Badly Hurt In Nasty Fall

A construction worker was badly injured after falling from Steven Tyler's house this morning, plunging several stories ... before getting airlifted to a hospital -- and TMZ has video of the… READ MORE >

Steven Tyler -- $6 Million Cocaine ... SAY WHAT?

Steven Tyler
$6 Million Cocaine ... Say What?

Steven Tyler has us baffled ... not by the fact he claims to have dropped $6 mil on nose candy -- but by the strangely awesome numerical riddle he laid on our camera guy! Math just ain't our… READ MORE >

- 1822 days ago
Steven Tyler -- I Spent $5 Million on Cocaine

Steven Tyler
I Spent $5 Mil on Cocaine

Steven Tyler says he "snorted half of Peru" over the course of his drug-addled rock career -- easily spending at least $5 million on cocaine before he finally kicked the habit.The Aerosmith… READ MORE >

- 1827 days ago
Steven Tyler -- I'll Play the Bongo ... You Watch My Schlongo

Steven Tyler
I'll Play the Bongo ... You Watch My Schlongo

TMZ CHALLENGE!!!!See if you can watch this video of a mankini-sportin' Steven Tyler bangin' away in a drum circle in Maui ... and NOT stare at his drumstick. Impossible, right????!Anyway, we… READ MORE >

- 1856 days ago
Steven Tyler -- Beyonce Deserves a HOT PASS for Fake National Anthem

Steven Tyler Gives Beyonce
HOT PASS on Fake National Anthem

Beyonce could've done a sock puppet lip-sync of the "Star Spangled Banner" -- as far as Steven Tyler's concerned -- as long as her smoking bod was in plain view at the Inauguration.Steven was… READ MORE >

- 1857 days ago
Steven Tyler -- My Ex-Manager Was an Insulting, Rude Dude

Steven Tyler
My Ex-Manager ... An Insulting, Rude Dude

Steven Tyler says the personal management company he fired has no business complaining about it, because the guy who ran the company was disrespectful, rude, and insulting to his fiance and his… READ MORE >

- 1894 days ago
Johnny Depp with Aerosmith -- Dude Looks Like a Rock Star

Johnny Depp with Aerosmith
Dude Looks Like a Rock Star

Proving he can do whatever he wants and still look cool, Johnny Depp joined Steven Tyler and the rest of Aerosmith on stage at the band's show in L.A. on Monday.With the crowd going wild, the… READ MORE >

- 1907 days ago
Steven Tyler -- I'm NOT a Racist!

Steven Tyler
I'm NOT a Racist!

Steven Tyler says Nicki Minaj is dead wrong ... he's not a racist ... and has now issued an Angus T. Jones-style quasi-apology for the controversial comments he made about the new "American Idol"… READ MORE >

- 1913 days ago
Steven Tyler -- Drops F-Bomb on 'Today' Show

Steven Tyler
Drops F-Bomb on 'Today'

Steven Tyler had a rough morning -- not only did he not know what show he was on, he also dropped an F-bomb on live television! Tyler -- who is probably never awake at such an early hour… READ MORE >

- 1939 days ago
Steven Tyler's Manager Claims Lawyer Screwed Him out of $8 Mil from "American Idol"

Steven Tyler
Lawsuit Claims Lawyer SCREWED Him Out of $8 Mil on 'A.I.'

Steven Tyler is caught in the middle of a raging dispute between his former manager and current lawyer ... a dispute that has now turned into a major lawsuit.Here's the way it went down… READ MORE >

- 1961 days ago
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