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Tito Ortiz

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Cited by film producer Jeff Most as "The next Vin Diesel", Tito delivers the audience as well as the sheer acting talent. The most electrifying Ultimate Fighting competitor alive today, as intimidating as Tito is in the ring, outside he is an unparalleled fan favorite. A dynamic speaker, Tito's popularity with the fans made for a natural move into other media. He frequently appears on talk shows and in magazine articles and stars in the popular video game, "UFC: Tapout" on Xbox. Having made a cameo appearance in Jet Li's Cradle 2 the Grave (2003), Tito recently delivered a breakout performance with his first starring role, opposite Edward Furlong, David Boreanaz, and Dennis Hopper, in The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005), scheduled for release in early 2005. But life for "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" wasn't always this good, and even as he soars to the top, Tito has never forgotten his roots. The child of two drug-addicted parents, in high school Tito chose wrestling over drugs and gangs, and excelled. He went on to compete at the college level and earned two consecutive titles as California State Wrestling Champion before making the shift to Ultimate Fighting...where he became the world champion less than two years after entering the sport. Today, as he balances his time between fighting, acting, running his clothing line, "Punishment Athletics", and developing his new game for Xbox, Tito also regularly prioritizes working with inner city children; motivating kids to stay in school, to stay away from drugs and gangs, and to pursue their dreams, no matter what their current situation; and, through his foundation, Tito supports children's charity initiatives and raises money to establish better after-school athletic programs in neighborhoods like the one he came from.  See full bio on IMDb »

Chuck Liddell Says Tito Ortiz Is a Big Dumb Idiot

Chuck Liddell
Tito Ortiz Is a Big Dumb Idiot

Don't expect Chuck Liddell to pull a Khabib and jump out of the cage when he fights Tito Ortiz -- The Iceman says Tito is simply too dumb to get under his skin with trash talk.  "I don't… READ MORE >

Frank Mir Fighting Forrest Griffin In Jiu-Jitsu Tourney

Frank Mir
Fighting Forrest Griffin ... In Jiu-Jitsu Tourney

Two ex-UFC champions have signed on to fight each other in a jiu-jitsu event in Vegas ... TMZ Sports has learned.  Frank Mir (former UFC heavyweight champ) will take on Forrest Griffin… READ MORE >

- 14 days ago
Dana White Almost Fought Tito Ortiz, But We're Good Now!

Dana White
Trained to Fight Tito Ortiz ... But We're Good Now!

Dana White once hated Tito Ortiz's guts so much that the two men almost had a real-deal boxing match in 2007 -- but we're told the two are actually on good terms now.  It's no… READ MORE >

- 62 days ago
Chuck Liddell Says He's Getting a Huge Check for Tito Ortiz Fight

Chuck Liddell
I'm Getting a Huge Check ... For Tito Ortiz Fight

Chuck Liddell says he's not just taking the Tito Ortiz fight because he's missing the sport -- telling TMZ Sports he wouldn't have signed on if he wasn't getting a fat ass paycheck.  We… READ MORE >

- 105 days ago
Andre Berto Says Chuck Liddell & Tito Ortiz Should Retire, Not Fight

Andre Berto
Chuck Liddell & Tito Ortiz Shouldn't Fight ... They Should Retire

Andre Berto isn't into the idea of a 48-year-old Chuck Liddell taking on a 43-year-old Tito Ortiz, telling TMZ Sports both men are at the age where they need to ride off into the MMA sunset.… READ MORE >

- 130 days ago
Chuck Liddell Says He'll 'Knock Tito Ortiz's Head Off'

Chuck Liddell
I'm Gonna Whoop Tito's Ass, Again ... And He Knows It

Chuck Liddell already has his fight strategy for his 3rd scrap with Tito Ortiz -- "I'm gonna knock his head off." TMZ Sports broke the story ... the 48-year-old MMA legend is coming out of… READ MORE >

- 145 days ago
Tito Ortiz Says Fight With Chuck Liddell Will be Hugest In MMA History

Tito Ortiz
Fight w/ Chuck Liddell 'Hugest Fight In MMA History'

Tito Ortiz says he's 100% committed to making Ortiz vs. Chuck Liddell III happen ... and when it does "it's gonna be the hugest fight in MMA history." TMZ Sports broke the story ... Liddell… READ MORE >

- 152 days ago
Chuck Liddell Says He'd K.O. Jon Jones In His Prime, 'I'm Still Dangerous'

Chuck Liddell
I'd K.O. Jon Jones In My Prime ... 'I'm Still Dangerous'

Chuck Liddell is adamant he'd knock out Jon Jones if they fought during his prime ... but warns the UFC star that he's "still dangerous." The Ice Man is fired up about his MMA comeback ... but… READ MORE >

- 156 days ago
Oscar De La Hoya 'Finalizing Contracts' for Chuck Liddell Comeback

Oscar De La Hoya
'Finalizing Contracts' For Chuck Liddell Comeback

Oscar De La Hoya says he's one step closer to getting Chuck Liddell back in the cage ... telling TMZ Sports he's "finalizing contracts" for a Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz fight! We broke the story ...… READ MORE >

- 163 days ago
Oscar De La Hoya Starting MMA Biz, Targeting Chuck Liddell

Oscar De La Hoya
Starting MMA Biz ... Targeting Chuck Liddell

Oscar De La Hoya wants to jump from the ring to the cage -- he's starting his own MMA promotion and he's gunning to sign Chuck Liddell as his first fighter, TMZ Sports has learned. Oscar and… READ MORE >

- 168 days ago
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