Paris and Kim Top PETA's 'Worst-Dressed' List

12/15/2005 7:30 PM PST

Paris and Kim Top PETA's 'Worst-Dressed' List

New York -- A tacky affinity for fur has landed the following celebrities on PETA's Annual "Worst-Dressed" List for 2005:

1. Paris Hilton: Now we know what happens to all of Paris Hilton's cast-off pets. And if she keeps wearing fur and eating at Carl's Jr., she'll be back on the list next year as Star Jones.

2. Kimberly Stewart: What does Kimberly Stewart have in common with the remains of the animals who were killed for her furs? They're both spoiled rotten. She and her best bud, Paris, are so clueless about animals that they should team up for a new reality show: The Simpletons.

3. Lisa Gastineau: Everyone knows that fur is a major turnoff-Mark Gastineau probably couldn't wait to get away from Lisa's old beaver.

4. Victoria Gotti: Gotti's fur coats make her an accessory to murder, and it's a look that goes well with cement shoes. Considering the way she dresses, her show should be called Growing Up Gaudy.

5. Tara Reid: It must have been a heck of a party-she woke up wearing Lindsay Lohan's dog!Not only can't she act, but she can't dress herself either.

Three celebs notably absent from PETA's list this year are animal-friendly turncoats Martha Stewart and Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham and fur-wary Alicia Keys. Stewart, who topped the list last year, now hosts a video exposé on, in which she says, "I used to wear real fur, but, like many others, I had a change of heart when I learned what actually happens to the animals." Formerly furry Beckham has confirmed to PETA that she not only now shuns fur, but she also supports PETA's anti-fur campaign. And Keys revealed her biggest fashion faux pas to USA Today this year: "[The worst] was this fur collar, and PETA should have gotten me with red paint," she said. "[I]t looked like I was being eaten by a big bear." We haven't seen her in real fur since, which makes us think that she finally came to her senses and won't wear it.

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(press release, courtesy: PETA)