Mr. Blackwell vs. TMZ

1/11/2006 7:17 PM PST

Mr. Blackwell vs. TMZ

To be sure, 2005 turned out to be a terrible year for fashion filth. The veteran style watcher Mr. Blackwell released his 46th Annual Worst Dressed Women list Tuesday, and Britney Spears lead the way for wearing clothes that he said made her look like an "over-the-hill Lolita."

TMZ figured it was unfair to let Mr. Blackwell report on these stylistic wrongdoings all by himself, so we took the opportunity to dish on the divas who made waves with their own brand of stylistic sludge.

In the eyes of Mr. Blackwell, Britney is the best of the worst when it comes to fashion. "When it comes to Couture Chaos, this Tacky Terror should take a bow," Blackwell sneered.

TMZ concurs, cause when we think of Britney, we think of the "girl next door." Yeah, in a trailer park!! Let's hope that if she kicks Kevin out again, he takes her bad taste with him!!

Coming in a close second on the fashion-basher's don't list was Mary-Kate Olsen, who was torched for "Bag Lady rags that look depressingly decayed--forget the 'accessories' and buy some Raid!"

Uhh, Mr. Blackwell, not so fast. Did you forget about Paris? Is there anyone who makes more headlines while wearing rags? Paris is proof that no matter how much money you have, you can still look like you purchased your entire wardrobe from the Dollar Store.

Thanks to her "garish taste," Eva Longoria made Blackwell's list and was the only resident of Wisteria Lane to do so. We're wondering why he chose to spend his time with lovely Ms. Longoria, all the while ingoring the wardrobe -- not to mention train -- wreck that is Tara Reid.

By the way, who is the person that has been dressing poor Tara Reid for the last year? Or has she been doing this to herself? Sweetie, put down the drink and pick up the phone. It's time to seek outside help.

On the heels of her admittance of drug use and an eating disorder, Lindsay Lohan was deemed a "Fashion Fright." Blackwell zinged that Lohan is "drowning in grown-up groaners." Why go there, Mr. Blackwell. Talk about hitting her while she's down.

TMZ couldn't imagine a list of wardrobe wrecks without Kirsten Dunst. This tree hugger should really try and spend more time trying to beautify this world. And she should start in her closet!

Newly-single Renee Zellweger also took a verbal Blackwell beating. "Renee runs the gamut from Kewpi Doll Dreck to Red Carpet Wreck--Just take your pick," Blackwell belted. "She looks like a painted pumpkin--on a pogo stick!"

Duly noted, Mr. Fashion. However, isn't your list incomplete without a Gwen Stefani mention? This year Gwen tried desperately to keep her street credibility. But honey, you're from the O.C.! Instead of Ghetto Fabulous she gave us Ghetto FabuLOST!!

Mariah Carey's comeback year placed her squarely in the crosshairs of Blackwell's fashion police. "Fashion's Hari-Carey Strikes Again!" Blackwell jeered. "The world applauds your musical emancipation, but please--leave that body to our imagination!"

Apparently you didn't get the memo, Mr. Blackwell. This was Mariah Carey's year. The winner of our R&B fashion faux pas is Macy Gray. OK Macy, we get the whole outlandish style thing. But the next time you stumble out of your closet, please just walk away. The other way.

Thanks to her "Coiffure by Medussa," and "clothes by the Marquis De Sade," Shakira received a big thumbs down for being "hopeless."


TMZ begs to differ. Shakira has a style all her own, and she's undeniably hot to trot. But since we're on the subject of pop divas, can this list be complete without Fergie? Fergie, you look like a human bag of skittles! I can just about taste the rainbow. And sugar, it's anything but sweet.

Mr. Blackwell takes pot shots at several easy targets, notably Anna Nicole Smith. We can't imagine a Worst Dressed list without Hilary Duff. Poor girl spent the year walking around looking like a home economics project gone very wrong.

We could on and on. It's time to let you be the judge. Be sure to check out TMZ's videos to get all the goods -- or rather, the bads -- on the stars of this year's Worst Dressed Lists, and decide for yourself who got things right.

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