Oprah to Prez Pusher: "Not Gonna Do It"

10/14/2006 12:30 PM PDT

Oprah to Prez Pusher: "Not Gonna Do It"

Oprah Winfrey finally got through to the man who's been hounding her about running for President in 2008, and she told him that, despite his best efforts, she's just not going to try for the Oval Office.

According to retired Kansas City math teacher Patrick Crowe (in the New York Post), "[Oprah] got right to the bottom line. She said, 'Well I just want to let you know, I'm not going to do it.'" Crowe has relentlessly pushed for Oprah to run for the presidency for three years, so much so that Oprah's lawyers threatened legal action against him recently, though Winfrey told them to back off.

Winfrey, for her part, was "calm and peaceful" during the conversation, says Crowe, and thanked him for his efforts. But he asked Crowe to throw his enthusiasm and support towards Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois, who is considered a likely candidate down the road.

Brangelina in Pune: Another Photog Claims Rough-Up

Chaos continues to ensue around Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt as they film "A Mighty Heart" in Pune, India. Today, a photographer for the Associated Press, Gautam Singh, alleges that security guards on the set punched him and threatened him with a gun after he passed his business card to Jolie after she had finished shooting a scene on set.

Singh says that he approached Jolie, who was in a taxi, after the end of a shot and handed her his card, at which point two Indian guards and an American guard accosted him. One of the Indian guards, says Singh, punched him, and the other Indian guard drew a gun. The American did not participate in the alleged scuffle.

Jolie did not witness the incident, according to Singh, and her manager told the AP that Jolie did not own or control the set. He did not comment on the actual incident. This is the second incident surrounding the Jolie-Pitts and photographers in the region.

Lachey Jabs At Jess In Concert

Nick Lachey has been making light of his failed marriage to Jessica Simpson while on tour. According to Ben Widdicombe, after Lachey performed his song "I Can't Hate You Anymore" at the Borgata in Atlantic City recently, he added in an aside: "Well, maybe just a little." Gatecrasher's spies also report that Lachey's girlfriend, TRL host Vanessa Minillo, sang along to all her boyfriend's songs, and TMZ caught her later the next night looking a little love-struck after the after-gathering at TenJune. Lachey also told David Letterman last week that, despite the fact that it made them who they are today, doing MTV's "Newlyweds" was a dumb idea, at least for his marriage.

Party Favors: Orlando Won't Be Killed Off ... Katie Mulls Sign-Offs ... Jacko Pays $750K To Rowe

Disney bosses are denying Internet rumors that Orlando Bloom is going to be killed off in the fourth "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie, because, um wait, who said there was going to be a fourth movie at all? Disney says it hasn't agreed to do one, nor has it been cast ... Katie Couric says she's trying to figure out how to sign off on her CBS newscast, and that the suggestions have been pouring in after she asked for them on her first night. Her current fave? "Here kitty kitty kitty" and "Thanks for watching, I'm Katie Couric, and I'm not just for breakfast anymore" ... Michael Jackson paid $750,000 to settle his custody dispute with ex-wife Debbie Rowe, but a lawyer involved with the case tells the New York Post that Jackson will see his children with Rowe in Europe, rather than in the US.

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