Tom Cruise Hijacks Posh's Spotlight

1/17/2007 12:14 PM PST

Tom Cruise Hijacks Posh's Spotlight

It seems Posh Spice took a workshop in P.R. whoring from Tom Cruise.

The two megastars, along with Katie Holmes, hit the only place in Hollywood where they had zero chance of flying under the paparazzi radar yesterday-- the Ivy restaurant on Robertson.

The threesome arrived at the exclusive eatery in a black SUV, and while Tom never actually entered the restaurant, it was obvious that he had another mission -- image makeover. The wee actor was all smiles as he opened the car door, escorted the women out of the car and even walked them up to the host. Such a gentleman.

Earlier in the day, Posh battled a sea of screaming photogs at a few other celebrity hotspots -- Kitson and Fred Segal. Donning sunglasses and in the care of giant security guards, Mrs. Beckham battled her way into the shops, pretending to loathe the attention every step of way. Nicole Richie was spotted across the street ... but nobody seemed to care.