Anna's Drug Use

2/21/2007 6:50 PM PST

Anna's Drug Use

The judge in the Anna Nicole case has just said he will ask questions about Anna's drug use. Stern just testified Anna "was on prescription medication at different times." The judge asked if she was abusing drugs. Stern replied, "Look I'm not a doctor."

Stern then testified that Anna had been in rehab. He said, "Anna Nicole took prescription medication, mostly for depression."

Stern said, "It's not like Anna was medicated all the time. It's not like she couldn't talk."

The judge just asked about the video FOX obtained that TMZ published, and Stern said "That's the way Anna talks. There are times she was more impared than that." The judge then jumped on Stern and said, "What do you mean more impared than that." Stern said he didn't mean she was impaired.

Stern acknowledged Smith took methadone, "but not in my presence over the last five months." She acknowledged Dr. Sandeep Kapoor in Los Angeles prescribed it. TMZ first reported Kapoor prescribed methadone when Smith was 13 days before giving birth. Kapoor prescribed the drug under an alias.

Stern also acknowledged Smith was taking Dilaudid, a powerful painkiller.