Orlando to Paps: Stop Buggin' Me!

3/14/2007 11:07 AM PDT

Orlando to Paps: Stop Buggin' Me!

To pose, or not to pose -- that was the question faced by a frustrated Orlando Bloom last night.

After eating with an unknown female at Il Sole, Bloom got slightly aggravated when the paps continued to shoot pix of them. His friend suggested they stop for a second and let the photogs get a good shot so they'd leave them alone (like that ever works), but Bloom just stated, "I think they got it" before hopping in his VW bug and jetting off.

Scarlett Johansson also tried to avoid being photographed, making a rare appearance on the club scene by going in through the back door of Hyde. Paris & Nicky also snuck in the back while media-whore Bai Ling went through the front, stopping at the door, practically begging to be snapped.

Also out were Nicollette Sheridan and comedian Godfrey -- whose main goal for the night involved bodyslamming Paris Hilton -- in today's edition of Star Catcher.