Oprah Opens Another School -- in South Africa

3/18/2007 4:06 AM PDT

Oprah Opens Another School -- in South Africa

Oprah Winfrey sang, danced and celebrated with the kids of the Seven Fountains Primary School on Friday, a new school for poor South Africans funded by Oprah's Angel Network charity.

The $1.6 million school has 25 classrooms, a computer center and two sports fields, and serves around a thousand students -- nearly 800 more than her other South African school, Oprah's Leadership Academy for Girls.

Oprah's has received both praise and some heat on that project -- a $40 million school with 28 classrooms which only serves around 150 girls -- since it opened in January.

No word on whether the talk show queen ever plans on opening a school for disadvantaged kids -- of which there are many -- in the U.S.

Naomi – Leave the Manolos at Home

Tomorrow, convicted cell phone thrower Naomi Campbell starts her five-day community service stint with the New York Department of Sanitation. She'll be mopping floors across the Big Apple as punishment for her attack on maid Ana Scolavino. Any tips for Naomi on her big day? Sanitation boss Albert Durell told the New York Daily News that he hopes that she'll "know not to come in high heels or anything like that. "Sneakers and blue jeans are a good idea. Wearing Manolos is not."

Eager to prove she's over pelting others with BlackBerries, Campbell says that the clothes she wears while performing community service will be auctioned for charity. We'd rather have the Manolos, Naomi.

Mills Could Be "Screwed" Says Rival Dancer

When "Dancing with the Stars" returns for its fourth season tomorrow night, all eyes will be on one-legged contestant Heather Mills -- including those of her fellow dancers. The New York Post talked to some of her competitors, who are equally in awe of Mills' moxie and prosthetic limb. "If I weren't on this show, I'd so be watching it," said DWTS fellow dancer and model citizen Paulina Porizkova. "Who wouldn't want to watch Heather Mills dance?"

"Stars" creator Conrad Green says that the judges should treat Mills like everybody else, but that she can't be penalized for things she clearly can't do, like, point her prosthetic toe.

Adds Porizkova, of the soon-to-be-ex-Mrs. Paul McCartney, who is Public Enemy No. 1 in her native England, "If she comes on and shows how warm and wonderful and gracious she is, the people are just going to go for her. However, if she doesn't, she's screwed."

Party Favors...Felicity Huffman Makes Jessica Alba Cry...Elton John Banned...David Duchovny returns to TV

Jessica Alba told Page Six that she recently took an acting class with married actors Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy. "Felicity was very hard on me," she said, adding that Huffman made her cry, "because I didn't prepare a scene right, or I didn't talk loud enough." ... Elton John is banned from playing the Plymouth Jazz Festival on the Carribean island of Tobago because he's gay. The archdeacon of the island told the London Standard that "his visit to the island can open the country to be tempted towards pursuing his lifestyle." Or pursuing platform boots. ... "X-Files" fans rejoice! Agent Mulder aka actor David Duchovny is set to appear in a new untitled comedy for Showtime this summer.