Victoria's Posh Underthings

4/19/2007 3:15 PM PDT

Victoria's Posh Underthings

Victoria Beckham kept things spicy on a recent retail blitz in a Beverly Hills lingerie shop!

TMZ has learned the singer turned professional shopper hit trendy Under G's Lingerie boutique and dropped over $4000 in Beckham bucks -- on sexy bras and panties alone. A gal's gotta feel pretty on the inside too!

Besides saucy girlie items by high-end designers like Eres and Argentovivo, Vicky B also picked up around $2000 worth of clothes from the children's department. See, Mommy loves all pretty things -- even for her kids!

As for hubby David, his gift will be seeing the bronzed bobblehead in all her jet-setting soccer mom fancy knickers.