Welcome to the Warp Phone

5/9/2007 3:54 PM PDT

Welcome to the Warp Phone

Sure the iPhone will allow you to surf the Internet, make calls and appear to be the coolest person at the party, but will it allow you to defeat Bowser and save the Princess?

In China, you can pick up a phone that does just that. The Century Sutra 1688 phone (greatest phone name ever) will do all the regular phone duties, but it will also play Nintendo games!

The phone comes with a CD-rom packed with 1,500 Nintendo games -- and has a game pad that attaches directly to the phone -- so you won't get hand cramps while trying to save Zelda. The phone utilizes an emulator to play the games -- the legality of it is highly suspect, if not blatant copyright infringement.

If you happen to be in China and you don't mind breaking a few copyright laws, the Century Sutra 1688 phone might be just what Dr. Mario ordered.