Paris -- Somber and Shaken to the Core

5/11/2007 10:45 AM PDT

Paris -- Somber and Shaken to the Core

After a tense meeting with her new lawyer, Paris blew off steam the best way she knows how -- shopping!

TMZ cameras caught Paris, sister Nicky and mom Kathy Hilton, along with Paris' new lawyer, celeb hotshot attorney Richard Hutton, heading to her parents' house yesterday afternoon for a long meeting to strategize on how to minimize her jail sentence.

Sources tell TMZ that Paris was in a very somber mood during the talk and is "shaken to the core" over the public fallout over her sentencing.

Ms. Hilton then took off in a Porsche -- piloted by a driver, not the heiress -- from her folks' house and went for a quick shopping trip to Samy's, a camera store in Beverly Hills.