Eva's Fast Break from Basketball Talk

6/1/2007 3:00 PM PDT

Eva's Fast Break from Basketball Talk

With beau Tony Parker taking a break during the NBA Playoffs, Eva Longoria hit up Parc for dinner with friends last night. As she waited for her Beemer at the valet, our cameraman asked, "Are you excited about Tony going to the Finals?" To which Eva simply muttered, "Yes." Well she sure doesn't sound excited!

Paris Hilton, meanwhile, could barely make her way to an SUV waiting to whisk her away, what with all the photogs camped outside. The walk to the yard figures to be a lot calmer.

Over at Les Deux, we spotted "Dancing With the Stars" star Ian Ziering making the walk back to his ride all by his lonesome. He was tight-lipped about his upcoming vacation plans, but did say they included some motorcycle riding.

The night also included Ricki Lake, Jorge Garcia and Traci Bingham at a charity poker tournament -- which Jorge took down.

All that and more in today's Full Moon edition of Star Catcher!