"Crazy" Britney Backs Out of Big Duet with JT

8/22/2007 9:26 AM PDT

"Crazy" Britney Backs Out of Big Duet with JT

Britney Spears is being called "sick" and "crazy" by music biz insiders after ditching the chance to do a duet single with former flame Justin Timberlake.

Page Six reports that JT wrote the song specifically for Brit, and that her label was counting on the tune to jump start a big comeback for the Britwreck. But last month, just before she was supposed to fly out to record the song, Brit "abruptly canceled the session." A music "insider" tells the Post, "Everyone is worried ... People like her are sick. It's like an anorexic who's sick in the head and needs help."

Jive is reportedly still behind Britney, but execs there are "worried" about her bombing at the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards. JT's reps had no comment.

Paris – Prison Memoir For Real?

Paris Hilton is planning another literary magnum opus, but if you were hoping to hear about bologna sandwiches, cells and cavity searches, you might be disappointed, according to her book agent, Dan Strone, who shepherded 2004's "Confessions of an Heiress."

24Sizzler.com talked to Strone, and he says the heiress is "thinking of doing a new book," but it's not likely to be "a so-called prison diary." And folks were so looking forward to the Dostoevskian depths of her despair! The agent says that anything could change, and the planning's still going on, but it's unclear what material she will plumb since to follow her last tome.

Party Favors: Dannielynn's First Birthday A-OK! ... Beckham – Give Me My Soil!

TMZ hears that Anna Nicole's baby Dannielynn's big first birthday bash will be splashed exclusively all over the pages of OK! magazine. ... David Beckham says that he likes playing in the U.S., but that the ground's a little hard for him. "I'm not used to the harder ground out here," he writes in his blog.