John Mayer's Magical Back Door

8/22/2007 6:47 PM PDT

John Mayer's Magical Back Door

In New York, it seems that face contortionist John Mayer took a break from hammerin' Cameron to contemplate the automatic trunk on his truck. Close sesame!

Mother lovin' Jeremy Piven was seen backin' dat truck up, after a trip to Colony Plaza in Malibu to buy an L.A. Times. Maybe he was checkin' to see if anyone gave "Smokin' Aces" a good review yet. Nope.

Outside of Chateau Marmont, Ashley Olsen got the Good Samaritan award for not running over any bumper humpin' photogs, and English bulldog Robbie Williams wagged his tuxedo tails and said, "I don't go to clubs anymore ... I don't like music or people." Take that!

Sean "Brick Brat" Stewart kept his mortar cannons in check while entering Il Sole, and an illin' solo Byron Allen and a date-laden Bill Maher grubbed it up at Mr. Chow.

Russell Simmons is on the just-divorced diet -- eating a tofu dinner at Koi. At Club Opera, the Black Eyed Peas court composer Allan Pineda Lindo said he's taking a break from the studio to chill -- while Fergie is busy stayin' hot!

All this and more in today's healthy choices edition of Star Catcher!