Cindy Crawford Visits a Puppy Prison

8/24/2007 6:29 PM PDT

Cindy Crawford Visits a Puppy Prison

Still stunning Cindy Crawford and her team of mini models visited Cross Creek's Pet Headquarters in Malibu. Meow!

Cirque du Soleil performed at the Great Western Forum, which hosted a homeless looking Judd Nelson, showgirl Gina Gershon -- wearing a skirted kimono that displayed her sexy stems -- and Criss Angel arrived lickin' on a lollipop -- a parting gift from Britney, perhaps?

Although it looks like they're filming a porno, a bathrobed Kate Walsh and Taye Diggs chatted between scenes of their TV show, "Private Practice." And no, it's not a porno.

Spitting Canadian Avril Lavigne left Koi looking sad and alone ... no surprise there. At Geisha House, Rob Zombie and wife Sheri Moon signed autographs and Barker Carey Babe Gabrielle Tuite displayed her beauty secrets: lots of sweat and make-up! Come on down -- and wash up!

Sheryl Crow did her best Heather Mills impression while leaving Il Sole with Eva Longoria, and Golden Brooks went searching for snacks after visiting Vice. Bon appetit!

All this and more in today's young and hip edition of Star Catcher!