Howard's Lawyer to Rita: Back Off, B***h!

9/4/2007 5:15 PM PDT

Howard's Lawyer to Rita: Back Off, B***h!

TMZ has obtained a letter written to Rita Cosby by attorney Lin Wood concerning her new book, "Blonde Ambition":

Rita K. Cosby
c/o Author Mail
Grand Central Publishing
237 Park Avenue
New York, New York 10017
Re: "Blonde Ambition"

Dear Rita:

I think you are aware that I represent Howard K. Stern in connection with potential defamation litigation related to the deaths of Anna Nicole Smith and her son, Daniel. I am writing you with respect to your soon to be published book entitled "Blonde Ambition."
It has been reported by persons claiming to have advance copies of your book that certain passages in "Blonde Ambition" rely on Jackie Hatten as a source. It has been further reported that your book may contain false and defamatory accusations by Hatten against Mr. Stern. I am sure you are aware that you may be held liable for republishing another's false and defamatory statements. Hatten is not a credible or reliable source. I am certain you are familiar with Hatten's many media interviews. If not, you should review them as they clearly establish that basing any accusation against Mr. Stern on Hatten's statements will constitute republication by you with a reckless disregard for truth or falsity.

I hope these reports are inaccurate and that your book will not defame Mr. Stern. However, if it does, Mr. Stern will file a libel action against you and your publisher, Grand Central Publishing.

L. Lin Wood

cc: Howard K. Stern, Esq.
Krista Barth, Esq.