Paris and Kid Rock Gettin' Their Own?

10/15/2007 8:30 AM PDT

Paris and Kid Rock Gettin' Their Own?

Paris Hilton and Kid Rock were spotted partying together in Toronto over the weekend. In related news, the universe has begun its implosion -- so pack a bag.

Speaking of packing bags ... the grotesque celebrity hookup marriage last week of Pam Anderson and Rick Salomon was comprised of former exes of the celebutante and the rap-rocker. So what's up with the ex-summit, reported by Page Six? Paris is in Canada filming a movie, and Rock played a gig there on Saturday night.

Ears and, we presume, more nether regions, were burning.

Richards to Ron Wood – Get Clean!

It's like black calling the kettle a pot, or something like that. Ron Wood, in a new memoir, says that at one point he was doing so much freebase coke that Keith Richards "turned into Mr. Drug Enforcement Administration" -- and pulled a .44 on him to make him quit. Just like a rolling stone!

As Rush & Molloy report, Wood also says that Richards once pulled a knife on him after another anti-drug tirade, and said, "I'd f***ing cut your throat, but your girlfriend would never forgive me for all the mess I'd make." As Wood points out, not only did Keith pull the smackdown, he did smack for "10 solid years."

Party Favors: Leno Won't Go? ... "Dirty Sexy Money's" Armstrong in Treatment for "Personal Issues"

Could Jay Leno be causing trouble for NBC execs by not wanting to budge after his sell-by date in 2009? The L.A. Times says Leno is "frustrated" and "reluctant" to leave his late night perch. Eh, we watch TMZ at that time. ... "Dirty Sexy Money" star Samaire Armstrong is getting treatment for "personal issues" reports Her rep says the actress "decided to enter an outpatient facility to deal with some personal issues in a therapeutic atmosphere and is doing very well." Another source adds that she's back on the set of the show.