Don't Mess with Madea!

10/20/2007 3:30 PM PDT

Don't Mess with Madea!

A local Sacramento television station is experiencing a major backlash, after an on-air interview with Janet Jackson and co-star/director Tyler Perry -- got seriously uncomfortable.

After discussing their new film "Why Did I Get Married?" on "Good Day Sacramento," anchor (and self-proclaimed jerk) Mark S. Allen asked Janet about her infamous Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction. Tyler Perry continuously tried to turn the conversation back to the movie, but the anchor kept hounding Jackson about the 2004 incident.

Finally, Perry fumes, "What are you talking about? We're here to talk about the movie!" Allen took one last dig, asking, "Were there any wardrobe malfunctions in the movie?" Jackson remained Sphinx-like the entire time. Fans of Jackson and Perry have flooded the station with letters and e-mail -- so much e-mail that loudmouthed anchor Mark S. Allen says he personally received 19,000 -- causing their system to "lock down."

Yesterday, the station issued a formal on-air apology and released a written one. Bottom line: Madea don't play!