Brit Needs An Israeli -- STAT!

12/19/2007 3:04 PM PST

Brit Needs An Israeli -- STAT!

Britney Spears had an unlikely ally outside of the Lisa Kline boutique last night -- with security provided by the same man who just a few months ago had personally served subpoenas on her entire entourage -- on behalf of K-Fed! It's a small security world after all!

Aaron Cohen, a former member of the Israeli Mossad, tells TMZ, "We provide exclusive VIP security for the Lisa Kline... IMS Security knows the level of security required for Britney Spears and know that we are highly capable of providing the standard. We don't discriminate when it comes to physical safety/security."

We spoke to Kate Diamond from Lisa Kline, who told us, "We love Britney ... she's always fun, and she's looking great these days!"

Brit was whisked in and out of the store by Cohen himself -- the only mishap caused by Britney -- who smashed her car door into a car parked next to her! Dang dings!