Un-Realtor Pimps Out Tiger with Sales Pitch

3/3/2008 8:35 PM PST

Un-Realtor Pimps Out Tiger with Sales Pitch

One shameless realtor is pimping out Tiger Woods -- and his wife and kid -- to help sell a $4 million house across the street from the golf god's Jupiter Island compound.

TMZ got an unbelievable pitch from a big-time Florida realtor, and here it is, verbatim -- "I have a FABULOUS piece of property for sale DIRECTLY across from Tiger Woods new property on Jupiter Island (Being built) When a tabloid pays JLO $6mil for photos of her first born, I would think that $4mil for a fabulous piece of property for unlimited photo opts of Tiger would be quite valuable!"

We get that the real estate market is down, but this is a little too much. And, by the way, a picture of Tiger doesn't go for that much.

The pitch should have been full access to Tiger's wife.