Heigl: WTF is This 'Grey's Anatomy' Mag?

3/5/2008 10:15 AM PST

Heigl: WTF Is This "Grey's Anatomy" Mag?

TMZ caught potty-mouthed Katherine Heigl outside of a "Grey's" event at UCLA, cursing that she had no clue "Grey's Anatomy Magazine" existed -- uh, it launched over a year ago! Also in LA, Gothic rocker wife Sharon Osbourne toying with mannequin hands at Intermix, Bonaduce "survivor" Jonny Fairplay blabbing about his depo., and "A.I." has-beens Bo Bice, Blake Lewis, and Sanjaya all in town.

In NYC: Pretty woman Julia Roberts walking down the street -- and Clive Owen, she was about to meet...