Ashley Dupre - Even Wilder Than "Wild"

3/20/2008 8:30 AM PDT

Ashley Dupre - Even Wilder Than "Wild"

Ashley Alexandra Dupre made a big impression on Eliot Spitzer – but she was a major head-turner (and eyebrow-raiser) well before that, shocking even the guys of "Girls Gone Wild."

The Palm Beach Post reports that back in 2003, Dupre – who went by the nom de hoochie "Amber" for "GGW" – went even further for Joe Francis' cameras than they expected, hopping up on a table "in the middle of a hotel lobby crammed with fratboys," and "launched into a raunchy strip-tease."

Said Ashley at the time, "It got crazy. It was everything you thought it would be. It's not stupid to do it. It's all fun and games." Until someone loses their Governorship.

Did Mills Really Give Away "Dancing" $$?

Before Heather Mills toppled her way off "Dancing with the Stars," she had talked about donating money from the show to animal rights groups.

But, as FOX News points out, Mills actually gave less than half of her $220,000 fee to VIVA USA. Of course, that's still $100,000 – plenty of cash – but she had made it pretty clear that she was donating all of the dough to VIVA before the show.

The revelation was part of the scathing 58-page judgment that the judge in her divorce-settlement case made on Monday.

Party Favors: Conan O'Brien Cooks Up St. Patty's Stew? ... Boston Mom Still Claims Oprah Ripped Her Off ... Ali Landry Goes Brazilian at Mosci ... This Is Going to Be Kind of Amazing Dept.: Ice-T and Coco at Plumm

Good Housekeeping magazine recently had a recipe for a St. Patrick's Day stew that was the culinary brainchild of Conan O'Brien. Wee problem, says MSNBC: O'Brien says he's "never cooked anything" in his life. The mag says it's sorry about the mix-up, and is inviting him to take a cooking class. ... Oprah Winfrey is still taking fire from a Boston woman who says she had the idea for "Oprah's Big Give." Darlene Tracy already had her claim thrown out by a Boston judge, but has filed an appeal, report Rush & Molloy. ... TMZ spies spotted former Miss USA Ali Landry at trendy Melrose Ave. boutique Mosci picking up Brazilian bikinis for her personal swimsuit competition! ... Ice-T never lets a chance to flaunt his lady Coco go by, and tonight will be no different, as the rapper celebrates Coco's birthday at The Plumm -- and he'll also be amping up her recent appearance in Playboy. And you know what that means.