Crazazy TV Contraption Predicts "Idol" Losers

4/10/2008 1:13 PM PDT

Crazazy TV Contraption Predicts "Idol" Losers

If you want to place bets on "Idol" in Vegas, we think we found a way you could score millions of bucks.

TiVo may have cracked the mystery of who gets kicked off and who doesn't. Company insiders say they can predict who's not connecting by TiVo usage.

Here's the deal. In a sample of 20,000 users, TiVo monitors traffic -- which contestants get replayed (a sign of popularity) and which one's get fast-forwarded.

You think it's bogus? Well, the TiVo system has nailed who got booted four weeks in a row.

And who does TiVo say is getting the ax tonight? Poor Syesha. Take it to the bank, people.

Tabitha from "Bewitched": 'Memba Her?!

Erin Murphy played little Tabitha Stephens on the '60s supernatural TV series, "Bewitched." Guess what she looks like now!

Hollywood Meatheads!

D.I.L.F.s ... Dudes we'd like to, ummm, er, see in more films? Yeah that's it! Click to see the buff boys of summer in all their manly glory.

K-Fed's Kids: Can't We All Just Get Along?

It's a modern-day Brady Bunch. Where's Alice when you need her?

On an outing at the L.A. Zoo yesterday, Kevin's mama Julie had her hands full with the half-siblings, SPF and JJ from Britney and Kori and Kaleb from ex Shar Jackson ... though having a full-time nanny and bodyguard around can't hurt.

School Death Plot Targets ... Chuck Norris?!?

New Jersey cops have arrested two high school students after a teacher found a so-called "hit list" that targeted tough guy actor Chuck Norris. Holy Walker, Texas Ranger!

The students, both juniors at Pennsauken High School, didn't have any weapons on them. The note reportedly included the names of three students and, randomly, Norris.

The boys claim the list was a joke and the local prosecutor says "At this point we believe that this student did not pose any serious threat to any of the people on the list, especially to Chuck Norris." No sh*t.

Larry Craig Interns -- You're My Duty

Sen. Gloryhole Larry Craig is looking for interns -- and the webpage soliciting (yeah, we said it) his summer help is just pricelessly funny ... unintentionally, of course.

The site lays out his (wide) stance on intern work: "I prefer to offer a more diverse experience -- probably because I walked in their shoes back in 1969." Yes, he mentioned "shoes." It gets better: "Interns have the opportunity to gain a solid understanding of the inner-workings ... through hands-on experience." Our italics.

But remember: "Each participant is also assigned a variety of legislative duties." Duties: Those were his words.

Holy Moley!

The mole sees and hears everything in Tinseltown ... especially when it's on your face! Some stars choose to rid themselves of the unsightly skin discoloration -- while others make the most of their blemish.