Uma Stalker Slept on the Street

5/6/2008 7:48 AM PDT

Uma Stalker Slept on the Street

Uma Thurman's accused stalker might actually welcome a night –- or a few hundred –- in jail, because he could actually get a good night's sleep.

That's because the New York Post snapped Jack Jordan bunking on a loading dock in New York last night, huddled in a sleeping bag. When a reporter told him it was a nice night to sleep outside, he snapped, "I disagree." Most people hardly even noticed.

The verdict in the trial is expected this morning.

Cristian -– One-Armed Championship Bandit

If a woman with one leg could dance, surely a guy with one arm can do it – at least that's what Cristian de la Fuente thinks.

"I'm going to try to go all the way. If I get to the finals, then I'm a winner for me," he tells People. Cristian's partner Cheryl Burke is having to choreograph tango and mambo moves for the show that will disguise his arm injury.

Babwa Punches Big Hole in Ozone

For such a petite lady, Barbara Walters sure has a big footprint – a carbon footprint, that is.

Babwa is going on a big 25-city tour to flog her memoir, "Audition," and Rush & Molloy says that she'll be traveling with a hair and makeup entourage on a private plane – which she'll be shelling out for by herself. But her rep notes that with her crazy schedule, Walters has no choice.

Party Favors: Spoiled Brat Demands $$ From Lohan for Borrowing Fur ... Dept. of Duh: Mariah Does Pre-Nup ... Britney Gets Her Some Doogie

The New York Post reports that Lindsay Lohan may have walked out of New York's 1 Oak with another woman's $11,000 fur coat, which eventually got returned. Of course, it took place, oh, 4 months ago. ... Mariah Carey got a pre-nup with Nick Cannon. As she told a pal, according to FOX News, "Anyone who thinks we didn't have a prenup is smoking something." ... Us says that on Britney Spears' next installment of "How I Met Your Mother," she ditches Josh Radnor's character and hooks up with Neil Patrick Harris – and they wear matching powder blue sweaters. That's TV, folks.