Massive Fire at Universal Studios!

6/1/2008 9:21 AM PDT

Massive Fire at Universal Studios!

A huge fire has erupted at a sound stage at Universal Studios in Burbank.

UPDATE 9:14 AM PT: Hot time in the old town tonight! The MTV Movie Awards are set to go off today at Universal. An MTV rep tells us, despite the fire, "The areas we are utilizing for our production were unaffected and the 2008 MTV Movie Awards will go on as planned. We're working closely with authorities to make sure everything operates smoothly."

UPDATE: 7:04 AM PT: Captain Brown from LAFD has just said the fire is contained to four or five buildings on the back lot and that there are no injuries as of yet. There have been explosions during the fire due to propane tanks. They are trying to keep the fire from spreading to the outlying brush, and water supplies are low.

UPDATE 6:52 AM PT: The fire has gotten worse! A TMZ reporter says the fire just got a lot bigger, despite firefighters efforts.

UPDATE 6:26 AM PT: A TMZ reporter on the scene says the fire is being contained, as firefighters and helicopters continue to attack the blaze.

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UPDATE: TMZ spoke with LA City Fire Department, who told us that although the fire is under LA County jurisdiction, they have sent roughly 40 companies to try and contain the blaze. The fire started around 4:45 AM PT on the New York sound stage, and is continuing to spread. There are no reports of injuries.