Linda Hogan Knows How to Pick 'Em

7/3/2008 12:30 PM PDT

Linda Hogan Knows How to Pick 'Em

Linda Hogan keeps making one ridiculous decision after the other.

We reported yesterday that L. Ho is on the outs with her 19-year-old Nick-alike and may have found her rebound guy. Turns out he's a convicted felon.

Linda's date, Louis Adkinson, was arrested five times in two years for fun things like carrying a concealed weapon, giving cops a false name and writing bad checks. This guy makes crazy Hulk look like a prize.

UPDATE: We spoke to Louis and he tells us that he is a Hogan family friend and has worked with Brooke in the past as a music producer. He also tells us he was in town to visit Nick. Louis says he's friends with both Hulk and Linda -- they're not dating.