Witness Balfour Wanted to Split for Miss.

11/11/2008 10:00 AM PST

Witness -- Balfour Wanted to Split for Miss.

William Balfour called a Mississippi college student the morning of the Hudson triple murder -- so she says -- and asked if he and his "boys" could stay with her after doing "something real big" in Chicago that day.

Rashia Whitlock told investigators Balfour called her at 4:00 AM on October 24, the day the murders occurred, and, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, told her he and his "boys" were "getting ready for something real big that's going to go down tomorrow." Balfour then asked if they could come visit her, says Whitlock, which she refused.

Whitlock also said Balfour asked her whether she knew Jennifer Hudson and, more ominously, if Whitlock could be "loyal." She said she had met Balfour on MySpace.