Lohan Family's Online Soap Opera Continues

12/28/2008 9:52 AM PST

Lohan Family's Online Soap Opera Continues

He said, she said ... now he said again.

Michael Lohan newest keyboard tirade is a response to the video of Lindsay we put up yesterday.

"Okay, so here we go... Today, on TMZ, my darling daughter Lindsay was asked for a comment in response to me saying, 'Samantha is on drugs!'

Lindsay's only response was, 'look at him!'

WOW! Linds, how forthright! Let me ask you; was it me who was actually pictured in the train station with a bag full of prescription drugs? Do you see me out partying with Lindsay, my other children or having raging wars with her? Was it me who jumped out of a DJ booth and punched Lindsay when she was with Calum Best? Did I drive Lindsay around for hours in LA until she fell asleep and before I ran low on gas only to call the paps and sell pictures to them? Uh uh!"

Fact is... we're hearing Samantha is saner than the whole bunch of them.