Travolta Memorial Small, Sans Stars

1/7/2009 11:09 AM PST

Travolta Memorial Small, Sans Stars

We made dozens of calls yesterday re: Jett Travolta's memorial service and it appears the stars will not be flocking to Ocala, Florida.

From all signs, the service will be relatively small and held at the home of John Travolta and Kelly Preston. So far there are no overt signs Tom Cruise will show. Oprah definitely won't because she's out of the country. Ditto Will Smith, who's in Berlin. Jenna Elfman's rep says she's "unsure" if Jenna will attend.

We've been at the local airports and so far no celebs have flown in for tomorrow's service.

On the other hand, the local flower shops say they've been flooded with orders.

From all appearances the memorial is a small, close-friends-and-family affair. So far the local sheriffs haven't been asked to provide security -- further proof it will be low-key.

We're at the airports today. To be continued ...